Thursday, April 2, 2015

How dangerous a little intolerance, like a little pregnant.

Once you attempt legislation upon religious grounds, you open the way for every kind of intolerance and religious persecution.William Butler Yeats

Indiana just recently past the Religious Freedom Reformation Act” (RFRA) bill. While the supporters of the bill, the Republican state legislator and governor, claim it is not meant to discriminate, that is surely what it does. Not only can business discriminate against LGBT individuals or groups on religious grounds they can refuse to serve people who's religious beliefs differs from theirs; such as Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Hindus, etc. They can discriminate against women and virtually anyone they deem does not meet their religious litmus test.
The conservative pundits have been running around trying to defend the indefensible and doing a bad job of it. Arkansas has just passed a similar bill in their Republican controlled legislator but the Governor has refused to sign it after seeing the firestorm that broke out over the Indiana bill, unless the wording is changed.
It seems that the Republicans really do a great job of restricting freedoms. The intent of the Federal RFRA Act was to allow minority groups the same religious freedoms enjoyed the majorities. But these state bills seemed designed to allow the majority to slam the minorities not just the LGBT community.
Religious Freedom Reformation Act” (RFRA) bills. That name is an Orwellian-attempt to use the same name as the federal law for a law that does pretty much the opposite of the intentions of the federal law; the federal law was meant to protect religious minorities, not give the majority a club with which to beat minorities.” Sarah Jones, Politics USA
Under the guise of religious freedom these, primarily GOP legislators, who suck up to the evangelical right, have shown their intolerance and unchristian character.
What is wonderful is that they seem to have galvanized the American public and woken up a sleeping giant. America is a majority Democratic leaning country and acts like this only help decent Americans see the true color of the radical right. A radical right owned by the Koch bros. 

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