Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Who's going to shoot Obama?"

The fascists cannot argue, so they kill

"Who's going to shoot Obama?" That was a great joke. Bull shit. It's no joke and what is worse an American congressman, Rep. Paul Broun, R-G permitted it to stand. Shades of Tripoli. Is that how we solve our political differences? The ones with the most guns rule. These assholes have no clue what this country is about or the price paid to insure our democracy. It is time that all decent Americans stand up to these radical un-American jerks.
Everyone in this country has the right to protest and to work for the
political position they hold but they don't have the right to threaten violence because their prejudices and racism. The only thing missing was the white robes, hoods and a burning cross. It is not an idle threat. I lived through the assassination of John F. Kennedy and know that it can happen. These people give license to those on the fringe, those who would do such a deed. (Photo, The Immoral Majority)

Stupidity and worse.
Beck Sees Evidence For His Grand Conspiracy Theory Everywhere

Koch Front Group Americans For Prosperity: ‘Take The Unions Out At The Knees’

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