Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gay Old Party, GOP, attempt at humor

"Gags die, humor doesn't."
~Jack Benny

Jon Stewart takes a look at Gay Old Party's, GOP, attempt at humor. A yuk a minute, they are so funny, oh, oh I can't stop laughing. Pathetic.
Michele Bachmann, sad but priceless.
Ah, but if they could only govern.
How about Jon Stewart for president? He's has my vote.

Now for more lunacy.

When is FOX ever concerned with truth, duh.

News Hounds

Curveball Admits He Lied About Iraq's WMD's And... Crickets On Fox News

Truth is the first victim of fascism.

Media Matters for America - Latest Items

Fox Shelters AZ Gov. And Her Lawsuit From The Facts On Border Security

Impartial justices???? No way. If you believe theses clowns are impartial you still believe in the tooth fairy.


Robber baron justice in the 21st century

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