Monday, November 22, 2010

At this rate pedophiles will stop going into the priesthood and join the TSA

"The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures." Wikipedia

The TSA debacle still continues. The government and TSA are now trying to spin the security issue as protecting the public and a necessary evil. If this is the way it has to be to travel then the terrorists have won and we have lost. We no longer have the protection of the constitution against illegal search and seizure, due process be damned.

The truth is these scanners are big business and a lot of money for the sellers who were awarded their contracts under the Bush Administration. Whether or not they are safe is a matter of opinion. If they go out of order and over radiate someone will they tell you, I doubt it. This is business not safety, lets not kid ourselves. They are using intimidation to make people step into these machines. They want a compliant sheep to do what they say or else they will make it unpleasant.

The situation is such that if you refuse to be radiated you will have your gonads groped by someone untrained. In the case of a woman her breasts and genitalia. To add insult to injury the TSA agents use the same gloves on everybody unless you scream for them to change them. They will grope adults old and young, clean and dirty, a young child, girl or boy and never change their gloves. Possibly passing on an infection to an unsuspecting adult or child.

The TSA has a dismal record, they react instead of pro-act. For the most part they know that most of the people that they search are no threat but they treat everyone the same, guess it is being politically correct.

America it is time for common sense. A family from Iowa with two kids in tow and a baby is no threat. Ask a few questions, go through a metal detector, and be done with it. Stop pulling over 90 year old couples on a vacation to see their grand children. Stop feeling up little boys and girls. At this rate pedophiles will stop going into the priesthood and join the TSA. The TSA is making it legal for them to enjoy their sick perversions. To add insult to injury if you refuse to be groped they threaten you with arrest and prosecution. Don't they do that in China for crimes of conscience. Wake up America, this something worth fighting for.

Science and the Environment (something the Tea Party, evangelicals, and conservatives say does not exist) but they don't believe in evolution either, ha, ha, dumb fucks.

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