Thursday, September 2, 2010

When the police are out of control who you gonna call?

Who will protect the public when the police violate the law?
~Ramsey Clark

You have to watch this to believe it. "Stop resisting, stop resisting, stop resisting," as the 64 year old man lays on the floor in agonizing pain. All because he fell on a step. When the police are out of control who you gonna call? This is a case of police engaging in an assault. Injustice wheather by the police, politicians, or media is injustice but when it becomes a physical assault it requires redress. These are the people we turn to when we are in trouble, hurt or in danger but when they turn on the people that they are sworn to protect that becomes a heinous crime. Police that act thus demean all law enforcement. Law enforcement must be held to the highest standard or we sink to the level of a third world banana republic with a police force, that everyone fears, no one trusts of can respect.

The Immoral Minority
Sarah Palin responds to Vanity Fair article by referring to writer as "impotent, limp, and gutless."

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