Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wow, I feel good again

"The American right wing is achieving its long-term goal of becoming the nation's thought police. They are realizing this goal through the timeless practices of extremists (be they on the right or the left, religious or secular), which are intimidation, slander and harassment. In the past several months, conservative outbursts have ruined the careers of journalists, most of whom were of the political center, but who were indiscreet enough to say something that ran counter to the right's version of political correctness."
~By Lawrence Davidson, Reader Supported News

I haven't written my blog very often for a few weeks. More to the fact for more than a month I have written it sporadically. Part of the reason is that is was tired of the news and the constant flow of shit you hear. The injustice, the stupidity and the frivolous coverage of what should be on the back page of a newspaper, being prime time. I find more and more I have to look at the BBC website to get real world news.
But another reason that I was not writing was I am spending a lot more time training and have taken up Iaido practice with a passion. Iaido is the practice of the Japanese katana Samurai sword. That and my Karate, Aikido, wights and cardio in the gym was not leaving me a lot of free time to devote to writing. I have finally got a handle on it, at least I think so. I expect to be able to write more regularly. Not that many people read this blog or that it makes a difference. But I guess it makes a difference to me, even if I am that lone voice in the wilderness raging against the night.
Sometimes I think the issues are just overwhelming and the assholes out there are getting away with murder and I mean murder. They preach their version of reality and people believe it. Well meaning people believe the special interest and act against their own self interest. Weather it is global climate change, health care, net neutrality, illegal aliens, foreclosures, gay rights, the right of a woman to choose, the war, tax cuts for the rich, corporate welfare and the list goes on. The Right is on the side of the corporation which is opposed to the rights of the people. The Liberals and Progressives fight for these issues while the people are lied too by the Right and fed sound bites and like mushrooms kept in the dark. All they hear is that the Left wants to take away their guns, raise their taxes and allow gays to marry. It become tiresome, and I think even a caped crusader would get exhausted fighting against the tide of shit pushed by the Right.
Hey, but I'm back and will push back and call it like it is. It is time that those fucking assholes on the Right get called on it and shown to be the scum bags that they are. FOX, Rush, Hannity, Beck et al., Fuck You! Wow, I feel good again. Got to get stuff off my chest, not good to hold shit in.

Dick Army is a scum bag.
Crooks and Liars

Right wing nut with a gun
Report: Gunshot Fired Into Al Franken’s Home

Protecting Assholes
Steve Hayes latest to cover up conservative attacks on Muslims' religious freedom

Does anyone really give a shit, the Right sure as hell doesn't

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