Friday, August 20, 2010

A week or so ago I did something really stupid.

“Relatives are the worst friends, said the fox as the dogs took after him”
~Danish Proverb

A week or so ago I did something really stupid. I went to lunch with my sibling and a friend. The friend is an unashamed wealthy, corporate, stand on your own feet, Fox watching Conservative. My sibling is a Fox watching, repeat ever sound bite you hear, bible quoting hypocrite. What a pain in the ass that lunch was plus, I drove and after I returned from putting money in the meter I came back into the restaurant, big mistake, to see the bill waiting for me.

I ended up paying a $100 bucks to hear Fox sound bites and stupid drivel from my sibling. At least my friends remarks were not repeats of three month old news. If I do that again I will need my head examined. As for my friend I know his views and we agree to disagree. My relative on the other hand, is a typical uninformed Conservative, who quotes the bible but has no compassion for the poor. Who opposes liberal social policies but benefits from social security, medicare, aid to dependent children and the federal law against discrimination to people with disabilities.

This hypocrite is feeding at the public troth while spouting the bullshit, lies and misinformation from Fox News. Critical and analytical thinking for him is foreign concept and examining the fact just gets in the way of sound bites and ignorance. My friend on the other hand is fairly well informed, generous, kind and just has this quirky side to him, he is a capitalist in every way. He fears progressive social policies and feels it threatens his way of life. He is a little naive and thinks that things like Johnson's "Great Society" legislation that included laws that upheld civil rights, Public Broadcasting, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, aid to education, and his "War on Poverty," was a bad thing. The fact that these laws helped to improve the lives of millions of poor and minorities and helped to end the discrimination and racism of the south is lost on him. He naively said all they had to do was enforce the laws that had already existed. The difference between my sibling and my friends are I can choose my friends I had no choice of relatives.

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