Saturday, August 21, 2010

We are getting good at hate

“We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.”
~Jonathan Swift

Hate is easy and as we can see it spreads like wild fire and consumes everything it touches. Americans hate Obama because he's black, liberal, half white, a Democrat, a progressive, supports health care, helped save the economy, bailed out GM, because he is supposedly a Muslim and born in Africa. We are getting good at hate. Now we are working on our hate for Muslims especially in light of the Islamic Center and mosque proposed for downtown New York City. For a country of Christians we sure can conjure up a lot of hate. Where is tolerance, brotherly love, compassion for our fellow man? I know the counter argument, where was their compassion on 9/11. The problem with that argument is when does it end and do we turn against other Americans because of their religion.

This is not the American values I believe in. These are not the values we proudly proclaimed to the world when we stood against the Soviet Union or when we fought World War Two. Now we are fighting in Afghanistan and have been fighting in Iraq to free Muslims from tyranny and give them a taste of Democracy, but are we setting a good example with our hate and intolerance.

We have media that thrives on hate and intolerance and so called news personalities that spout every kind of hate and intolerance against the least of us. FOX NEWS and it's intrepid band of heroes fan the flames of hate with their rhetoric against, Muslims, Mexicans who are here illegally, gays, supporters of women's rights, Obama and every single policy he would support no matter what it was. They fan the flames of hate against every man, woman or child in this country that would disagree with their agenda of hate and intolerance.

What is amazing is that people buy into this hate. But then again it is preached from pulpits and it always has been. During slavery southern preachers preached that it was right and just to enslave the black man. Republicans hate every piece of legislation that would improve the lives of most Americans. They never have any problem voting for legislation that improves the bottom line of corporations or wealthy Americans, or to fund a war. Their good on the hate thing.

Now the big hate is against Muslims and has created a new word Islamophobia, like the word Muslim is a dirty word, and Muslims are something to be feared, avoided or destroyed. What message does that send to the world? What message does it send to millions of loyal American Muslims. Muslim American deserve better of America. I learned a long time ago that hate only hurts the one who hates. But course I still hate a few things, such as intolerance, racism, bigotry, stupidity and ignorance. Compared to most professional American haters I am just an amateur.

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