Monday, August 23, 2010

vulgarity is war and injustice

"History is not, of course, a cookbook offering pretested recipes. It teaches by analogy, not by maxims."
~Henry Kissinger

I have been criticized by some for my use of certain expletives, expletives one does not use in good company. It has been said to me that I can express myself better without them and that it is vulgar. Maybe they are right but to me vulgarity is war and injustice, that is real vulgarity not my choice of language. The illegal war in Iraq begun by the Bush administration to look for weapons of mass destruction and to free the people of Iraq from the iron grip of Saddam and give them freedom is a vulgarity. Well we saw what that got us. We took our eye off the ball so to speak and now have a wider, more deadlier war in Afghanistan.
Did we win in Iraq? There is no winning. We invaded, destroyed the Iraq army, but created a quagmire that is still threatening to blow up into a civil war. Now that we are done there it is anybody's bet on the future of Iraq.
Afghanistan is another mess resulting from the failed policies of the Bush administration. When does it end and how will it end. Afghanistan has now become a war we should have finished with a long time ago. We seem not to have learned the lessons of Viet Nam or for that matter the lessons of history. When we leave Afghanistan it won't be soon enough for some and it will be too early for others. No one will be completely happy but for the families of our military who serve in harms way it will be okay. They will get their loved ones back. America warriors will come home. And the next time they have to go in harms way in defense of the nation lets pray it be for a just cause under enlightened leadership.

The Immoral Minority
Somebody needs to ask Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin WHY Ronald Reagan hated America so much!

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