Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Right wing media are having a field day on this one and the blatant religious hatred is clearly in evidence

"The bigotry of the nonbeliever is for me nearly as funny as the bigotry of the believer."
Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist

A mosque in NYC is nothing new, but a mosque two blocks from ground zero is something else altogether. The Right wing media are having a field day on this one and the blatant religious hatred is clearly in evidence. Short of calling muslims towel heads or camel jockeys they have clearly shown their colors. Discrimination of any type is distasteful and harmful. Religious discrimination and hate is equally heinous. As any Jew will tell you religious intolerance is a poison that demeans those that hate and creates pain in those they hate.
We are a tolerant society and we should not discriminate based on choice of religion but the building of a mosque near ground zero is at worst insensitive and will create animosity. There is a under swell of religious intolerance in America fueled by the Right wing media. A media that panders to the Jewish political power and the fears of those whose have less than a clear understanding of the issues at stake. The issues are democracy and religious toleration. Jews have faced these issues for centuries in Europe but in America they found a nation that has been truly tolerant, not without some difficulty, but it has remained true to it's founding principals.
To allow hatred and bigotry to decide our policy would be to betray those principals. Mayor Bloomberg and president Obama are correct to support religious freedom and tolerance. The decision to build a Mosque near ground zero is unfortunate and shows a lack of compassion for those that have suffered loss from the 9/11 attack. That insensitivity will not serve those developers well and may engender negative feelings toward those who build and use the facility. If American workers refuse to work on the project I for one will salute them. It is wrong to build there, it an insult to American sensitivity and it is taking advantage of the kindness and decency of the American people. It is also taking advantage of the American constitution. But ultimately it shows a disregard for the suffering and tragedy that America suffered on September 11th. They have the right to build it if anyone will work on the project but they don't and will not have my respect. They will in fact have my scorn and contempt.

The joke of fair and balanced. They fool the stupid and uninformed.

Crooks and Liars

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