Friday, August 27, 2010

he is closer to the Klu Klux Klan in his subtle but palatable racism

All things that move between the quiet poles Shall be at my command: emperors and kings Are but obeyed in their several provinces, Nor can they raise the wind, or rend the clouds; But his dominion that exceeds in this Stretcheth as far as doth the mind of man; A sound magician is a demi-god.

-Marlowe, Christopher
c.1592 Doctor Faustus (published1604), act1, sc.1.

Glenn Beck has planned a rally for August 28th on the Anniversary of the "I have a Dream" speech and rally by Martin Luther King at the same location, The Lincoln Memorial, in Washington D.C. The rally is a Take Back America and honor the heroes, in truth it is for Glenn Beck own twisted ego. Glenn beck is a demigod for the Tea Party and extreme Right. The insensitivity and contempt Beck has for black Americans and other minorities is magnified by the his hubris. This buffoon sees himself as the paragon of American values but in truth he is closer to the Klu Klux Klan in his subtle but palatable racism. Sarah Palin will be one of the speakers and she will talk about her brand America; an intolerant, homophobic, non inclusionary, born again and racist America
This is a white man rally, all red necks welcome. If you hate Obama, doesn't matter why, you are welcome, if you hate our government you are welcome, if you hate gays or oppose equal rights for gays you are welcome, if you want to round up all 12 million illegal aliens and throw them out of the country you are welcome, if you believe in the rapture you are welcome, if you hate muslims you are welcome, if you don't believe a black man should be president you are welcome, if you believe Sharron Angle and Michelle Bachmann are brilliant you are welcome, if you believe that all liberal and progressive Democrats in congress are evil and enemies of America and should be shot you are VERY welcome.
Where did I leave my jack I gotta get there, yea really. Not surprisingly civil rights groups are opposed to Beck's rally, "Civil rights groups have expressed outrage. Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, told CBS News it was "insulting" to King's legacy." Beck's rally is if anything in poor taste but then again Beck has never been accused of having good taste. He panders to the haters, the poorly educated and those who lack human compassion for mankind. The man is a disgrace. His rally is a affront to all decent Americans.

FOX idiot NEWS and the intolerant, racist, homophobic, islamophobic, RIGHT

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