Thursday, July 1, 2010

What the GOP is really saying to the unemployed is, fuck you!

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose your own. ~Harry S. Truman

Republican position on unemployment benefits is that unemployment insurance is a bad thing. It makes people lazy. They will sit home and not look for work. This has actually been told to me by a conservative friend. I have another friend who has a career and is raising a family and making a solid income and is a respected pillar of the community, with a mortgage, kids in college, and car payments. His company down sizes and closed a number of locations and Wham! He is out of a job. He sent out hundreds of resumes and had to compete for scares jobs with other unemployed and newly graduated college graduates all the time he was exhausting his savings and had to collect unemployment insurance which is about a fifth of his former salary. The Republicans say that this guy really wants to sit on his ass. This guy is lazy, this guy wants to live off government benefits.
Where is their compassion. He didn't want government handouts but it took him a year to get a new job. He was lucky but many people can't get a job that quickly. Sure there are some who will abuse the system but they would do that anyway but the majority of people who need unemployment insurance are decent hard working Americans who need a safety net until they can get a job. A safety net that the Republicans would deny them. The GOP are mean spirited hypocrites. What the GOP is really saying to the unemployed is, fuck you!

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