Thursday, July 8, 2010

I like RNC Chairman Michael Steel and want him to keep his job

“Common sense is not so common.”

I like RNC Chairman Michael Steel and want him to keep his job. He is good copy and I love it when he say's something that upsets the GOP establishment or shows he hasn't got a clue of what is really going on, like saying Afghanistan was a war of Obama's choosing. There was talk of Sarah Palin getting his job. If someone else has to get it, she would be great. I can see the news conferences now. She would probably say that Afghanistan is in Western Europe and totally have no clue when asked a serious question of substance. Not that she can ever answer a substantive question on any issue. But she can wink and says things like, "you bet yea" and I'll get back to you on that. Tea Baggers will like her, conservatives will like her and the evangelical right will love her.

The worse thing that could happen is they put someone in there with an intellectual bent that understands the issues clearly and can make an intelligent presentation. But there is really no chance of that. The GOP, Tea Baggers, and evangelical right have purged themselves of anyone that thinks. They like it simple and like to keep the issues un-muddied by avoiding ethical or philosophical debate within their ranks. The Glenn Beck simplistic clap trap jingoistic approach with racial overtones that appeals to the baser instincts are what they are about. The GOP feeds chum in the water to the "I want my country back" folk while supporting big business at the expense of the American people. Michael Steel is just fine and Sarah Palin would be great also.

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