Monday, June 7, 2010

in a submarine with only so much air so much water and so much space. Not a good idea to piss in the drinking water and shit in the passage way

There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed.
~Mohandas K. Gandhi

I haven't blogged in a while. Seems that my training schedule has so occupied my time that I wasn't making time to write. Since adding Iaido to my training routine and setting a solid morning training schedule I find that I need to create a time slot to blog. The time away from the computer has given me time to take a step back and think about the issues. We as a planet are a mess. The environment is going to hell in a hand basket. What we seem to ignore, at our peril, is we live in a closed system. It's like we live in a submarine with only so much air so much water and so much space. Not a good idea to piss in the drinking water and shit in the passage way and light a bonfire but we are doing that to the planet. The rich corporations exploit the planets resources with impunity and when they finish with an area they move on leaving devastation and poverty in their wake. Just look at West Virginia, Nigeria, Peru, Brazil and thousands of other locations on the planet that have been exploited and devastated. Now BP and it greed and irresponsible actions is doing a great job of killing the Gulf of Mexico and impoverishing all those people and communities that depend on it for their living.

Lets totally fuck up the oceans. The oceans are becoming more acidic, good for algae bad for fish and mammals, warmer and critically polluted. Of course Glenn, racist, Beck and looney Limbaugh think it's all fine. The point is, there isn't anywhere else to go once we have totally fucked the planet.

Since April 20th the BP gusher has been pouring into the Gulf of Mexico. We don't yet know the long term problems that it will create or how much the damage will be. But it will be far reaching and long lasting ecological nightmare. We are beginning to see a financial disaster for the people of the coastal regions of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida. We may yet see oil on the shores of Virginia and New York. The "drill baby drill" crowd have become a little silent and seem to be trashing about and blaming Obama, the Democrats and the liberals. Limbaugh even suggested it was a liberal plot and suggested that it was a act of sabotage, what an idiot.


Seems more GOP Republicans gay bashers, family value folks are getting caught for either engaging on homosexual activity. Now finally a Democrat is getting divorced, Al and Tipper Gore. But no scandal. The Democrats just can't seem to get it right, just a boring divorce. Guess we need the GOP (Gay Old Party) to give us the good stuff. And be sure there will be more.


Glenn, the idiot, Beck never stops surprising. "Glenn Beck promoted The Red Network: A "Who's Who" and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots, stating that the book is "from people who were doing what we're doing now. We now are documenting who all of these people are." However, the book's author, Elizabeth Dilling, was a virulent anti-Semite, and The Red Network itself contains numerous passages that espouse anti-Semitism and racism."

FOX, idiot, NEWS

This piece is a must read. - Progressive News and Commentary with an Attitude | Fight Ignorance: Read BuzzFlash Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and FOX’s Clueless Ongoing Criticism of the Rest of the Media

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