Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the GOP apologized to BP

“The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity”
~Andre Gide

During the health care debate critics of the Obama administration, the GOP and Tea Party nut cases supported by the right wing media, claimed that the government was too big and that businesses should be left alone to self regulate. They kept screaming socialism. That the corporations could do a better job than the government could. The mantra was that business should be left alone to do business and that they could a better job if left alone.

Obviously the lessons of AIG and Wall Street wasn't enough. The lessons of Enron was long forgotten. Now came the Upper Big Branch mine disaster, Upper Big Branch mines are owned by Massey Energy. Don Blankenship, CEO runs the mines with disregard to safety and concern for the workers. They have suffered more fatalities that any other mine in the country. They are not unionized and any criticism from employees is met with firings. Upper Branch is run like a minor dictatorship and opposition is quickly silenced. You can be sure that if it is allowed to continue, business as usual, more fatalities will follow. Self regulation is a joke and a tragedy to the families that have lost loved ones.

Now we have the BP disaster in the gulf. For over two months the oil has been pouring into the gulf at up to a million gallons a day. BP and it's subcontractors were irresponsible in the development and management of the well. This puts the lie to big business doing a good job of self regulation. Without regulation corporations would have turned the American landscape into a moonscape. Now the results of deregulation under the, pro oil, Bush Administration are coming home to hurt us. The Obama administration demanded that BP put up money to help the people in the effected areas to a tune of twenty billion dollars, people that will need the money to survive in four states currently effected by the deluge of oil that is still leaking.

The result was that members of the GOP apologized to BP. Said it was ashamed that they had to be penalized and pay. What about every mom and pop shop, tourist business, fishing crew and their families that have been financially effected. Does the GOP really give a shit about these people? I don't think so. They shouldn't be apologizing to BP they should be calling for the arrest and prosecution of the BP and subcontractor executives responsible. Fuck BP lets take care of the millions of Americans that have been financially devastated as a result of BP's callous disregard for safety. Lastly the damage to the environment continues and will last for decades and the leak still keeps pouring out oil into the gulf and the GOP will wringing their hands about poor BP.

GOP Asshole

Another GOP Asshole

Price of BP's greed on the health of gulf residents

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