Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When the oceans die humanity will not be far behind

Whales are humanity`s canary in the coal mine, ... As ocean pollution levels increase, marine mammals like whales will be among the first to go.
~Roger Payne

210.000 barrels a day of oil is flooding into the Gulf of Mexico from a mile down. The ecological time bomb that is sitting off the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida has gone off. The oil slick is now the size of Delaware and growing. Currently the fishing fleets of the gulf are in dock and cannot work. This is a 2 billion dollar industry that may be now destroyed. The oil well, a mile deep, is at the limits of our technical ability and it is clear that it is a perilous technology. It may be the wake up call that people need. Suddenly "keep the government out of my business" doesn't sound reasonable. It is who you must call. This is a disaster of unprecedented proportion, both ecologically, and financially for the region.
If this well cannot be stopped the result is unthinkable. It will effect tourism, a billion dollar industry, in the Gulf region. Tourists that flock to Florida for fun in the sun will look to other venues for their tourists dollars. The economic damage to the region could cause a economic depression that could last for decades and further depress already economically depressed region including housing prices in Florida. BP and Trans Ocean must be held responsible for their part. They are the ones responsible for the well and spill.
Most damaging is the damage to the environment. The oceans are paying a heavy price. The oceans may be dying and we pretty much aren't doing a thing. See the attached video on the destruction of the oceans. When the oceans die humanity will not be far behind.

Jeremy Jackson: How we wreck the ocean, on TED

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