Friday, March 5, 2010

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed will be Mirandized because it is his constitutional right as it would be for anyone tried in an American court

We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.
~Abraham Lincoln

My brother is worried about trying Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in civil court in New York City. The fact that he will be Mirandized is upsetting to him also the fact that it will cost money and the fact that it will be in NYC has him worried; echos of right wing media fear mongering. Maybe it is just that he watches too much of FOX (make shit up) NEWS and believes the crap they spout in the name of news.
The fact is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed will be Mirandized because it is his constitutional right as it would be for anyone tried in an American court. We don't have two set of laws in America, those for whom we like and those for whom we hate. It doesn't work that way and we should be thankful that it doesn't. Because the minute we deprive one group of people due protection under the law, be they illegal aliens or international terrorists, it is only a few short steps down a slippery slope before we deprive other people of their rights. Next it might be gays right to vote, or atheists or people of color, or people who don't speak English. You can see where it would lead to. Sadly there are people in America and groups that would do just that. That is one of the reasons I oppose anti- abortion legislation as it legislates against a woman's right to control her own body, and I support the right of gays to marry and enjoy the protection of the law as any couple does who is legally married.
The fact the the Shaikh will be tried in NYC is okay with me. I live here and I am not afraid of this piece of shit being tried here. I don't agree with the Right wing media Glenn Becks of the world that a terrorists once caught should have no rights. I think he should have the full protection of the law, have a fair and legal trial and I pray we find the scum bag guilty and hang him. I will not wring my hands, cower in the corner and shit myself because the trial is in NYC. I have faith in our law enforcement, the military and the government to protect the citizens of this city. Because the minute that we don't have that faith and trust we are lost. The fact that it will cost a lot of money for the trial, so what, democracy is expensive, and doing the right thing costs money, but it would cost the same if he were tried in Albany NY or anywhere else. The world is watching us to see if we live up top our stated ideals. That we are a nation of law where everyone is entitled to due process no matter how distasteful.
That is what our enemy's hates most about us, our tolerance, our equality, our belief that all men are created equal and that all men are entitled to due process under our constitution. To do less would be to betray our founding ideals.


ON DEMOCRACY NOW: Eric Hermann of F. H. International corporate criminal.
Unscrupulous businessmen have found a way to siphon off Aid Money to the poorest and most desperate countries for old debts that were IMF had agreed to take pennies for virtually taking a crust of bread from the mouths of starving children. A major culprit is Eric Hermann of F. H. International, a parasite, who is attempting to take 23 million dollars from Liberia, a country that is one of the poorest countries in Africa.
Vulture funds on Democracy Now. Eric Hermann is a murderer who if successful will be responsible for the deaths of children in the third world who die for lack of the most basic services due to obscene poverty and his demanding of twenty three million in aid money destined for Liberia.


Utah now is passing laws to control a woman's sex organ. Women can now be jailed for any action that they interpret as not taking care of their fetus according to their conception. If a woman miscarriages or has a still birth she can go to jail if they can prove that she did not have adequate health care. At the same time a poor woman who can't afford health care or doesn't have health care can also be jailed for lack of prenatal care if the woman suffers miscarriages or still a still birth. This is an action that is designed to control a woman's vagina based on religious belief and a violation of the rights of women. This is a step backwards for women in America. The Talibanization of women's rights


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A regime of complicit Democratic Party war criminals will never hold the Republicans accountable for their crimes. They rewarded the banking industry and the big brokerage firms, who again didn't get held "accountable" for anything they did. Yet, Obama and Arne Duncan say that public school teachers need to be held "accountable".
Accountability is for the peons and slaves to the rotten regime.

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