Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anti-semitism raised its ugly head with notes left for congressman Anthony Weiner with swastikas on them and the name “Schlomo Weiner”

"Republican leaders and their media minions and propaganda toadies

are squirming and wiggling every which way with lip service condemnation

of the incidents without condemning their accomplices-in-hate

perpetrators. Their discomfiture as they try to defend the indefensible

and excuse the inexcusable is my schadenfreude."


Tea Baggers have sunk to a new low, with bricks thrown through Democratic offices windows and Democratic members of congress being spat upon and black members of congress called "nigger" and a publicly gay member of congress called "faggot". Anti-semitism raised its ugly head with notes left for congressman Anthony Weiner with swastikas on them and the perversion of his name “Schlomo Weiner”, there are no words for this filth. Now a call to Bring Your Guns to a Washington Rally on April 19th and Sarah Palin with a map of the United States with cross hairs on selected states. These are not so subtle messages. Maybe Palin's message was meant to target the election defeat of Democrats but there are those out there in the Tea Party movement that will see those crosshairs as a code to target democrats for violence.

AMERICAblog News| A great nation deserves the truth

Teabagger terrorism? Hoyer worried about security for House Dems, 10 members getting security after threats

Tea Party activists thought they were publishing the address of Rep. Tom Perriello (D) but actually published the address of his brother. As a result his gas line was cut. This is an act of violence that could have resulted in serious harm. "A local Tea Party leader, Nigel Coleman, was apparently one of two activists who posted Bo Perriello's address online Monday. When told that it wasn't actually the lawmaker's address, he wrote, "Oh well, collateral damage." (Coleman later removed that comment, and said today that he "condemns" the incident at Bo Perriello's home.)"

Crooks and Liars

Rep. Tom Perriello’s (D-Va.) brother's gas line cut after threat by tea party activist: Hoyer worried

They have crossed the line to criminal actions and it is time for responsible Republicans to join in with their Democratic colleagues and condemn violence and hate speech and the blatant use of racial epithets. If they don't they become accomplices to criminal un-American action.


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Fox Only Cable News Network Not Carrying Obama's Speech At Interior Department

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Plan B: Fox promotes GOP AGs' efforts to overturn health care reform

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