Friday, January 29, 2010

...there is no use in arguing with the convinced

America's corporate and political elites now form a regime of their own and they're privatizing democracy. All the benefits - the tax cuts, policies and rewards flow in one direction: up.
~Bill Moyers

I had dinner the other night with two Republican friends at a great Italian Restaurant on 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge Brooklyn called Ginos. Great food, and great service at moderate prices. The conversation briefly turned to politics. Both my friends dislike and one hates Obama. Hate is a strong statement but that was the word used by one of my friends more than once. Of course he is a Fox (white man) News devotee and feels it is the best news on television. Maybe he is a victim of Fox brain washing. It has that numbing effect on the mind sometimes. It is sad, because he is really a nice guy, but that is the reality. An intelligent man in all aspects of life but this. Much of it, I think, is perceived self interest but definitely not an altruistic concern for mankind or the planet. He is not your average tea bagger, he is intelligent and educated, but he fits neatly in the Right of the Republican party and loves Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly and RushBo.
There is nothing Obama could do or say that could change my friends opinion of him. My friend is a product of the corporate mindset. Unfortunately a corporate mindset that exploits humanity and the working class, that opposes unions and would take away every vestige of workers security and would condemn them to surf status if they could. My friend supports the current supreme court decision that gives corporations the right to spend unlimited money in support of their candidates in elections. A law that virtually marginalizes the contributions of the public and hence their voice in government. The corporations will now dictate the role and actions of government.
Needless to say my friends and I disagreed. But there is no use in arguing with the convinced as there is no doubt in their minds, especially my friend that hates Obama. I on the other hand will continue to support the policy's of President Obama and contribute financially to his reelection to the dismay of my friend. I will continue to lobby for health care, and fight to curb global warming. I will support progressive policies and never, never, never quit. My friend hates it when I do these things, but hey, he will get over it.


Recommended Book: Conservatives Without Conscience, by John W. Dean

From Publishers Weekly "In his seventh book, Dean, the former Nixon legal counsel whom the FBI has called the "master manipulator" of the Watergate coverup, weighs in with a rebuke to Christian fundamentalists and other right-wing hard-liners. A self-described Goldwater conservative (indeed, Goldwater had planned to collaborate on this book before his death), he rails against the influence of social conservatives and neoconservatives within his party. Suffused with bitterness stemming from the controversies in which he has been embroiled, Dean's book paints a thin social science veneer over a litany of mostly ad hominem complaints. Purporting to show that social conservatives and neoconservatives are, on the whole, demonstrably authoritarian, bigoted, irrational and amoral, Conservatives Without Conscience offers helpful hints such as "Conservatives without conscience do not have horns and tails," and evinces a telling fascination with politicians' shady book deals. Though there is clearly much to condemn in the policies and tactics Dean deplores, assailing everyone from French political theorist Joseph de Maistre to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to the chairman of Yale University's conservative association as "Double High" social- dominance-oriented authoritarians undermines his journalistic credibility. Dean's lurid accusations may be entertaining, but they add little to the reasoned debate that Washington so sorely lacks today."


Moron Alert! Moron Alert!

Fox's token moron Glenn Beck and talk radio ass wipe Limbaugh the mighty mental midgets pontificate.

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