Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let chaos rule, power to the people

"The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of worse men."
~ Plato

The Republican win in Massachusetts is not so much a Democratic failure but a uninformed belief that small government will some how fix the ills of society. Maybe it's a good idea for government to get out of the way completely for the people to wake up. Let the corporate vultures in health care, oil and gas, banking have their way. Health care abuse would raise to new heights, corporate decisions would become the de-facto death panels. If you or a member of your family get seriously ill and need expensive care to keep you alive, the health company would have one answer, Denied! Who are you going to turn to? the government, no way, The Republicans and tea baggers wanted smaller government and wanted them out of your health care, so your fucked. What can you do? Basically you can die, and that is exactly what you will do. Smaller government brilliant, in the complex world in which we live with intersecting interests and a complex infrastructure, smaller government is moronic and morons tout it.

How about government getting out of the way of big oil and gas. Great idea, the United States would end up having pollution problems like China. The oil and gas industry would would pollute everything and make America a garbage dump. There are parts of China today that have lived without regulation and it is an ecological disaster. The China Sea is virtually dead, and any fish that you could catch are toxic. Villages, towns, and cities have high rates of cancer, respiratory illnesses and a host of other disabilities that effect everybody from children on up. It would happen here. I am reminded of Love Canal, and the devastation caused to the land in West Virginia due to coal mining. No government regulation and oversight and the United States would become an ecological disaster and our cities would start to look like third world cities.

Banking is another great area to keep government out of. In fact the bankers pray for it daily and pay off congress to make it happen. If the banking fiasco of the last two years was anything to go by; less government will have us all on bread lines. The banking crash of 1929 was just such a crash. No government oversight, no regulation, banks could do as they liked. Of course the government did impose regulations under Roosevelt. But recently we have repealed those regulations under successive Democrat and Republican administrations and we have seen where that has led. But hey take off the fetters allow the banks to do as they please and they will destroy this country. You will be paying 90% interest on your credit card debt and the banks will own your ass forever.

Yes smaller government, get out of my health care, maybe we should get the government out of social security also, cancel it. It might upset the old folks, but hey they want government out of their health care so screw em. In fact get the government out of everything. No more post offices, close them. No more schools, close them, No more social security, no more regulation on any businesses. 'No more nothin' . Lets just close up congress. Let chaos rule, power to the people. Headlines

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