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Elie Wiesel ...said on the GOP Tea Party’s anti-Semitism and Holocaust comparisons: “This kind of political hatred is indecent and disgusting"

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke

There is something wrong with the picture of a U. S. Congresswomen, Michelle Bachmann, inciting a demonstration against a bill before congress on health care. Telling them to frighten members of the Reichstag, sorry I mean congress. Bachmann is doing what her supporters accuse Obama of doing trying to do, an dishonest thing. The tone of racial hatred and stupidity based on a total misunderstanding of what the health reform is about is clearly evident. The demonstrators with their sign comparing the health care reform, something designed to do good for the working poor, the uninsured and those denied coverage, to Nazi concentration camps is stupid, insensitive and pathetic. These people obviously are not sophisticated and have a deep seated hatred of Obama and see any program supported by Obama as dangerous to their perceived white agenda. There is the veiled and not too subtle racism always present under the surface. This hatred and the tone of the Right is creating a dangerous situation. The threat of violence is ever present in these lunatic demonstrations. The tone turned distinctly anti-semitic a direction it has been heading. Signs were seen stating “National Socialist Health Care.” Another sign said that President Barack Obama “takes his orders” from the Rothschilds, a family of Jewish bankers." "Elie Wiesel a Concentration Survivor said on the GOP Tea Party’s anti-Semitism and Holocaust comparisons:" “This kind of political hatred is indecent and disgusting”. National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), called on the supporters of this demonstration, [John] Boehner, [Eric] Cantor, [Mike] Pence and [Michelle] Bachmann to repudiate and "condemn these disgusting comparisons and anti-Semitism.”
The Right is rallying the wackos and lunatic fringe of the Conservative Party. They are supported by the dishonest and twisted media of the Right such as Beck, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Hannity. The true Republicans have distanced themselves from these nut cases and are waiting to see what the next move will be. If the Republicans gives in to the extreme element of the party it will become primarily a party of poor and working class evangelical white men. A vocal minority that will turn off the center and independents. I don't think that America is ready to see Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh running America. In truth the best thing for the re-election of Obama and the Democrats would be the take over of the Republican Party by Sarah Palin, with the support of Glen Beck, O'Reilly and Limbaugh. Image how that plays with hispanics, blacks, Gays and all people of color who would not have a seat at the party. I'm still a registered Republican so from now on if Sarah Palin runs in a presidential primary she will have my vote.


Tom Tancredo, called out on his hypocrisy see it here.
"Chickenhawk (punk) Tancredo storms off set after Markos confronts him on veterans health care"


Republicans use cheap tactics to interrupt Democrats in Congress.


Jon Stewart calls Fox out: “Not even close to news” Gotta watch this.

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1. "Elie Wiesel ...said on the GOP Tea Party’s anti-Se...":

Thanks for this excellent post! We have some fringers on the left but have never allowed them to takeover the party. The republicans have decided not to speak out against their fringers but have decided to join them. The invitations to meet at the Capitol and show their racist and misguided attitudes puts them in a very bad light. They don't seem to realize or care that it's extremely difficult to win national elections by separating themselves from mainstream America. I remember earlier this year that Boehner and Cantor let it be known publicly that they disapproved of Bachmann. It took them less than 24 hours, I think, before they were back-tracking and praising her as a "star" in the republican party. No guts. Had they refused to back down, they could have reined Bachmann in. It's too late now. You have connected the dots beautifully. Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Murdoch, Wallace, Ailes, etc do not hold any political offices, but they certainly do hold the reins of power in the Republican Party. Name withheld

Friday, November 6, 2009

If to fight for decency, and honesty makes me a liberal, then I'm a liberal.

“Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.” -H. Jackson Brown, Jr. An American author

This is post 100, and it marks a mile stone for this blog. I have been told that the tone of the blog is liberal, but I do not see it as liberal blog. I consider my position moderate. Let me explain, basically it is a philosophy of common sense. Not a novel idea but something lacking lately in American politics and government. The Right Wing and Republicans for the most part are so radically right that any idea that disagrees with their agenda is considered liberal.

I don't like bullies, liars and thieves. I think that the Republicans are the school yard bullies as is Fox (make it up) News. The Republicans and Fox lie to the American public, they steal that which should go to the American people and give it to the corporate supporters, who if given the chance would destroy our democracy in the name of corporate greed. I think that citizens of America deserve to be represented honestly by their elected representatives. Money and corporate interests should in no way influence their decisions and their vote.

I believe strongly in the separation of church and state and oppose the imposition of any religious group trying to impose their will and belief system on the rest of us. Keep religion where it belongs in the houses of worship, the home, ones own heart, and school if the individual states wish it but out of politics and out of government.

I believe that in a nation as diverse as ours, with the wealth and power we have, that to let tens of millions go without health care is next to criminal. It is a social injustice. We as a nation have a moral right or should I say moral obligation to see that all Americans can reach their potential and live healthy lives. It is called human decency and what have we done? In the name of corporate greed we deny tens of millions the protection they should, by right of being Americans, be entitled to. Yes I said entitled. Are we less of a nation than France, or those other European nations who provide modern health care to all their citizens.

But I digress, a bad habit. I believe in fairness and justice and fighting against bullies, bigots and racists. I have made mistakes on this blog but they are honest mistakes. But I don't pick on the weak, I don't attack the helpless and I don't discriminate against someone because of their race or religion or for who and what they are. I have talked about the evangelical right and their agenda. I agree with John J. Robinson who said of them, "...those who elect to have someone else do their thinking for them." Their leaders are dangerous men who tap into insecurities of the undereducated, or fears of the white American poor who are afraid of the non-white and hispanic population supplanting them. Those who feel they are the elect of god and await the rapture and believe every word from their demagogue leaders that abortion and gays will destroy America.

If to fight for decency, and honesty makes me a liberal, then I'm a liberal. If to fight against lies and the distortion of the truth by the news media is liberal, then I'm a liberal. If to want to see people protected by from the dishonesty of the health insurance industry who buy congressmen and senators to insure profits at the cost of American lives make me a liberal, then I'm a liberal. If I question the actions of the president sending Americans into harms way in foreign wars which all Americans should do makes me a liberal, then I'm a liberal. If to say that women have the right to control their own bodies is liberal, then I'm a liberal. The oppose discrimination against gays and say that they should be allowed to marry makes me a liberal, then I'm a liberal.If I call out those in American society, weather in the media, politics, religion or business that hurt and detract from the principals of this our republic makes me a liberal, then I'm a liberal, so be it. I call it common decency and respect for the human family and American values.


The shooting at Fort Hood in Texas is a clear reminder that we live in a dangerous world and we should be vigil even in our own communities. That people with access to guns and an agenda can wreak havoc in civilized society. It would be unfair to rush to judgement just because Nidal Malik Hasan was a member of the Moslem faith. He was born and raised in the United States and for all intent and purposes was a normal American kid that joined the military for a career and rose to the rank of Major. It maybe that Hasan, as a result of his career choice, developed a fear of deployment and this created anxiety that led to this horrible act. To ascribe his actions to terrorism and being a Muslim would do great harm to millions of law abiding American Muslims, creating hate and contribute to intolerance and racism. The investigation and eventual trial will have to run its course before we can know all the facts but until then we should take a lesson as to what stress and guns in the wrong hand can do.


The Republicans have produced a health plan that is a provider oriented plan and would be a boon to the health insurance companies. It would help only three million of the forty six million of the uninsured. The Republican plan is a sham and is a waste of paper and is not intended to be a real option, it is designed to distract from the real issue and the needs of the American people. Their plan is no plan and they know it.


Looney Watch

The Conservative Right have created a dangerous situation in this country. They have energized the crazies and now may not be able to control them. If violence flares it will come from the right and the Republicans on the right and their media supporters will be responsible.


Joe Wilson learned a new word, "dithering" it is a nice word. Here are some more words for Joe. "Hubris" which means conceit, "bloviate", Pompous or boastful, "obtuse" intellectually challenged. These words might improve Joe Wilsons vocabulary. Joe Wilson the heckler who called President Obama a liar is clearly verbally challenged.


A Brit looks at American news media, and focuses in on Fox and their made up news.

John Cleese on Sarah Palin, when she ran for Vice president and now she is one of the leaders of the GOP. A true perspective from the UK

More idiocy from Fox (white man) News

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1. nonymous said...
I agree John. People in general put to much emphases on whether you're a Republican or Democrat, right wing or liberal. They're both two sides of the same coin. I choose and vote independent. When people tell me it's a wasted vote, I say, " if our fore fathers thought like you, we'd be having tea in the morning instead of coffee." I see the tide turning a little, it's slow, but I think our humanity will prevail. More people are thinking out side the box

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"guests, like fish, begin to stink after 3 days" B. Franklin. This is hizzoner's third term and he is beginning to stink

"It is with our heads that we must think and ponder, while it is with our hearts that we muster courage to act boldly when loved ones are at risk."

Larry Schweiger - LAST CHANCE

An interesting week for New Yorkers. King, excuse me I mean Mayor Bloomberg won re-election with a slim margin and the New York Yankees won the world series. One was a good thing one was unfortunate, I am a Yankee fan so the Yankee victory was the good thing. Bloomgerg on the other hand has begun to overstay his welcome as the election results show. A goodly number of New Yorkers want a change, unfortunately just not quite enough made it to the polls. The slim victory will embolden some of Bloomberg's critics and political opponents. Bloomberg should remember the adage, "guests, like fish, begin to stink after 3 days" B. Franklin. This is hizzoner's third term and he is beginning to stink.
His hubris at overturning term limits, that New Yorkers voted for twice, by the city council as a result of his political bribery and arm twisting was a betrayal of the will of the people of New York. They made it clear to him in this election that they remember. He remains in City Hall but his mandate is slim, it will be good to one day see him gone. Gooooooooooooooooo Yankees.


The Blog Alert today focuses on the craziness of the GOP's far, far, far right and Fox (make it up) News. It just makes it easy. The right is crazy, but crazy like a fox, ah ha it ties in nicely with the Fox thing. Nothing that comes out of Fox can be taken too seriously. If one were to rely on Fox for news, as so many unfortunately do, one would be seriously misinformed and have a very slanted and erroneous version of what is really happening in the world and even if a world outside America even exists. This stuff can't be made up. Dick Army is throwing his champion from upstate New York under the bus just after saying he was the next best thing to sliced bread. Hoffman has become a liability and is expendable. The Conservatives lost a seat for the Republicans that they have held since the civil war. Good job by Army, Palin, Beck and Limbaugh, what a dream team the GOP has pushing their agenda.
Fox is now riding the Bachmann band wagon and encouraging the soggy tea-baggers to invade congress and beat up liberals, oh sorry not beat them up physically just intellectually with their arguments against health care. Wrong again there is no intellectuals on the tea-baggers band wagon they hate intellectuals, hence Bachmann is their leader, not exactly a intellectual luminary herself. Congress should hand out dictionaries to help the protesters with their rhetoric maybe improve the quality of their argument. All congress has to do to avoid this distraction is put some signs over the entrance to the congress saying that the free food and beer is down the road. Put a keg and some burgers and fries in a park and the protest will be over. This is the ignorant, ill-informed and misled being led by a woman with a personal agenda and who supports the interests of the insurance industry and their profits to the welfare of the people. It is lions being led by a donkey.


Blog Alert!
The craziness of the GOP and Fox (make believe news) You can't make this stuff up.

Recommended Book:
Last Chance: Preserving Life on Earth
"Larry Schweiger is a much respected environmental leader. He is known for taking on epic battles. Global climate change is certainly the largest battle of our times. In LAST CHANCE the battle lines are clear - they extend from every human to the systems that sustain life on earth. While the complexity of climatic variables like feedback effects are imperfectly known, climate scientists are overwhelmingly and alarmingly of one mind - humanity is in trouble. Many of my colleagues in the science community believe it is the scientist's job to report the facts and nothing but the facts. But what is the scientist to do when the preponderance of evidence clearly suggests that the planet is in trouble? Schweiger's book provides the answer. It is time for everyone to act - the scientist, the politician, the consumer, the activist, the parent and every person interested in a sustainable future. It may well be our last chance.
I finished reading Larry's book last night. It is the optimum mix of precise science, engaging storytelling, political history, and above all the orbital view required to see the critical interconnections of planetary systems. Lest anyone still believe that global climate change will result in simple sea level rise and more storms in the coastal regions, Larry documents the fundamental disruptions that will rip the ecosystem anchors from their complex moorings. These disruptions will leave no major ecosystem intact.
For years, I have been mystified why the science is so clear and yet 53% of Wyoming citizens [my home state] still don't see the connections between their extravagant energy use and the melting glaciers of the Wind River Range. This book explains the mystery.
What a writer! What a book! Last Chance is not just another pessimistic environmental diatribe but an action guide that conveys optimism and direction. Absent from most of the debate on global climate change is hope for our children. LAST CHANCE heralds the hope for our children and a sustainable biosphere. The denizens of denial will realize the truth and power in this book. It is our responsibility to first spread this message as far and as wide as we can." By Craig D. Thompson (Rock Springs, NY)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conservative Right's intellectual and spiritual leaders are Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, with Rush Limbaugh picking up the rear

"We are talking about Christianizing America. We are talking about simply spreading the Gospel in a political context."
-PAUL WEYRICH (Editor of the Conservative Digest and one of the founding gurus of the New Right)

There are a lot of crazies in this world and the least of them is the far right of the Republican party. They are dominated by the evangelical right who are sitting on hill tops waiting for the rapture with their radios tuned to Glen Beck and running off to soggy tea bag parties when called to scream about socialism or don't mess with my health care. The majority are poorly educated white males, opposed to abortion and gay marriage and liberalism, and are anti-intellectual, anti-women's rights; these are some really scary people. They don't think for themselves. Just look at Doug Hoffman, the defeated Conservative Party candidate, said to Glen Beck "you are my mentor", how lame is that. The Conservative Right's intellectual and spiritual leaders are Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, with Rush Limbaugh picking up the rear; now that is a brain drain if there ever was one.
These are the wackos of the GOP and if the GOP is to survive they need to marginalize this group. If the wackos run the party the moderates are gone, if the moderates run the party the wackos will stay but be a none factor but the party will then continue to play its role in American politics.
The Democrats didn't have it their own way in this last election and they have a lot of work to do. The new Obama Democrats and Independents that supported Obama and the Democrats in the last election are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if the Democrats can and will deliver on their promises. If they don't all bets are off that they will be back. It is the one thing the Republicans are counting on. That is the reason that they block the Democrats at every turn.
The Democrats have to act decisively. One of the major things they have to do is strip Leiberman of his chairmanship and purge the party of it's number one traitor. They need to get tough with the Republicans and the Blue Dogs and call them like they are, closet Republicans with a corporate agenda. They have to forget partisanship and go it alone. President Obama has to stop being Mr. Nice guy and start twisting arms and calling in some markers. Forget compromise on the health bill, do it the right way and let the GOP, the Blue Dogs and Lieberman try and defeat it, and if they do let them answer to the American people. Nobody likes a punk and the Democrats need to stop acting like punks. The Democrats need to stand up to the Republicans and show some Chutzpah then and only then will they will get the respect they are not getting at the moment.


Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) on the public option



Another epic world series. Maybe epic is too strong a word but there is no other. Mo comes into the eighth inning with one out and closes out the inning and sets the stage for the ninth. It is the quintessential American experience. There are no baseball hooligans, no baseball riots, no fencing in the fans like in Europe or South America. The United States is the home to the great game. The fan are enthusiastic and vocal but not violent after all it's baseball.

I remember the ninth inning against the Diamond Backs in 2001 and the agony of defeat. Tonight it was different, a victory with Mariana on the mound and the fans cheering their hero. My MVP is Godzilla, Hediki Matsui who, while this may be his his last season as a Yankee, knocked in six runs and was awsome at the plate. The game was not as exciting as it might have been but win was just as sweet, it has been long wait and the fat lady is singing sweetly. Now we can say it, the New York Yankees are the 2009 World Champions.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

we let people die for lack of money to pay inflated profit driven insurance premiums

"...the Republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of the health insurance industry". -Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fl)

See why we need comprehensive affordable health care insurance in America, go to the namesofthedead .com and read their stories. Go their and share your story. It is a disgrace and embarrassment before the rest of the free world that we let people die for lack of money to pay inflated profit driven insurance premiums. The Republicans and Joe Leiberman want to stop the health care reform because that is what their masters the health insurance industry want them to do. As Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fl) said and I concur "the Republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of the health insurance industry". That is where their interests lie, not with the American people. The American people can make a statement, vote out of office any congressman or senator who works for the health insurance industry and not for you. We need decent, honest men and women who will work for the people who put them into office.

The circus that is the Republican Conservative party.

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy


The Democrats need a wake up call. If the Democrats fail to pass meaningful health care reform they should expect to lose a lot of seats and control of congress in the 2010 election. Why should people support Democratic candidates when they can't deliver what they said the would? If they come in with a watered down health care bill with a limited or no public option, with health insurance companies that can still deny people with pre existing conditions and charge high premiums they will be seen as frauds and there will be no longer any reason to believe them or support them. The Democrats in congress will lose the support they had in 2008 and they will lose the independent vote, they will have done it to themselves.

Blog Alert! What Fox doesn't want you to know Blog Alert!

News Hounds

Hannity And Fox News So Eager To Boost Doug Hoffman’s Campaign, They Leave Out Important Facts In His Resumé

The Immoral Minority

Both Keith and Rachel weigh in on Palin and her teabagger cronies destruction of the GOP.

Crooks and Liars

David Vitter Confronted by Rape Victim at Town Hall Meeting Over Franken Amendment Vote

Monday, November 2, 2009

A traitor to the Democrats like Liberman tells a pack of lies on television and the Democrats wring their hand. They should come out swinging

I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends ... that if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them. -Adlai Stevenson -Former candidate for President

The current health bill before the house does not go far enough. Pre-existing condition ban does not go into effect until 2013, it's a joke. There should be no pre-existing condition limitation. The insurance companies will be allowed to raise health insurance by premiums by 25%, another concession to the insurance industry. If this bill goes through with major concessions to the health insurance industry it will be seen by the American public as a sellout to the insurance companies as a result of the buying of the Republicans and a group of Democrats by the health insurance industry. The Democrats may be in for a disaster at the polls in the next mid-term election.
The problem with the Democrats is that they are seen as weak. They have the opportunity to show leadership and make a difference but they can't do it. They are so used to getting their butts kicked by the Republicans they haven't a clue how to use the power they have. A traitor to the Democrats like Liberman tells a pack of lies on television and the Democrats wring their hand. They should come out swinging and call him like he is. Owned body and soul by the insurance industry who have donated a million or more to his campaign over the last few years.
If the Democrats lose some governors races that they should have won it is the fault of the Democrats that can't get anything substantial done. Who moan that they need bipartisanship, like the Republicans really care about bipartisanship, when they had the power they ran roughshod over the Democrats. What they, the Republicans, are pissed at is that these milksop Democrats beat them in the last election and won the Presidency, the house and the senate.
The only hope the Democrats have is that the Republicans are beginning to attack their own and they can no longer present a unified front.


The New York City mayoral race is up for grabs Tuesday. Actually not much to grab for Bloomberg has bought and paid for it. The race is between Bill Thompson and Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg violated his own word and voided the term limit for mayor. He is now buying the office of mayor by out spending his opponent Tompson by the tens of millions. Just on principal vote for Thompson.
He has been smeared and vilified by the Bloomberg campaign. If he were guilty of all the Bloomberg campaign said he was guilty off he would be in jail for a hundred years. Bill Thompson is a decent man who doesn't deserve the abuse of a vicious smear campaign from Bloomberg. After this race is over win or lose Bill Thompson can hold his head high.


Rep. Michael McMahon, (D-NY) trying to be all things to all people and failing at it dismally.

I began with great hopes for McMohan but I find that, my representative to congress, Rep. Michael McMahon (D. NY) is a waffler. His position on health care is useless rhetoric. It is pablum for the masses and takes no definitive stand. Where is the man's courage? I admire the action and toughness of Alan Grayson of Florida who has conviction and steps out to do battle with the Republicans, while people like McMahon plays it safe. Playing it safe is cowardice, and the people see it for what it is. No guts no glory.

I am giving my financial support to a Florida Democrat because my representative hasn't the conviction or the courage to take a stand even if it is unpopular with some of his constituents. McMahon hasn't learned one important lesson, you can't be all things to all people. Personally I now hope Vito Fossella gets back into the race and takes back his congressional seat from McMahon. I may disagree with Fossella on some issues but he always lets people know where he stands on the issues.


Politics Daily ( another Republican without a conscience)

Sen. David Vitter Caught on Tape Arguing With Local Rape Victim

As he walks away, the woman calls out, "What if it was your daughter?"

Sen Vitter (R. La) Hypocrite and insensitive to the pain of rape victim. Does the word dirtbag apply? He voted against allowing rape victims from prosecuting their rapist who are employees of government contractors. Senator Vitter is giving aid and comfort to criminals and rapists


The World Series continues. There was no way that the Phillies would roll over and play dead. It is the big show and you have to win it. The fat lady is putting some final touches to her dress and shaving her legs. The next game is in the Bronx, and the Yankee fans will have a chance to see the team win it or heavens forbid..., no I can't say it, it's too painful to contemplate. They are the Yankees and Lee can't pitch any more games and the rest of the Phillies pitching staff is mortal. Arod, Jeter, Posada, and the rest of the Yankees' bats will explode in Yankee stadium.

In the third game in Philadelphia the Yankees battled back in the ninth inning fighting for a comeback but fell a few runs short. They went to Philadelphia and won two out of three. What I had expected, now they go home and have to win one out of two, not impossible and very probable. The are alive and well and ready to give battle in the Bronx. Lets hear a Bronx cheer for the Yankees. Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Palin, the great white hope for 2012 to take back America from the black man, the forces of evil, socialism and give it back to the rich, the powerful

"The battle for upstate New York confirms just how swiftly the right has devolved into a wacky, paranoid cult that is as eager to eat its own as it is to destroy Obama."
-Frank Rich, New York Times Columinist

It seems that the Republicans are beginning to eat their young.
Some Conservative Republicans it would seem are not conservative enough and are starting to feel the wrath of the Uber Conservative right Wing of the Republican Party. Up state New York has become a battle ground with the forces of Glen Beck and Sarah (the party of god) Palin on the Uber Conservative Right against the forces of Newt Gingrich and his not conservative enough Conservatives. Both with aspirations for a 2012 run for the presidency are doing everything to establish their dominant role on the Conservative Right, but Palin and Beck seem to have the edge in wackos and nut cases .
This is an amazing three ring circus. The candidate for the congressional seat from upstate New York, Dede Scozzafava, a long time Republican and conservative member of the state government, evidently was not conservative enough for the party of god leaders Beck and Palin. They are supporting, a lawyer from Platsburg and Uber Conservative, Doug Hoffman who wants to cut taxes for the rich. The attacks on Scozzafava were such that she has dropped out of the race and is supporting the Democratic candidate Bill Owens. The Uber Right led by Palin and Beck are beginning to purge the Conservative Republican party of those who are not Uber Conservative enough. They have their champion Palin, the great white hope for 2012 to take back America from the black man, the forces of evil, socialism and give it back to the rich, the powerful and the white man. The sides have begun to eat each others young. Newt is rallying his conservative forces to challenge the Uber Conservatives of Palin, let the games begin.


Grayson is a man of courage.
Rep. Allen Grayson (D-Fl) has been attacked by the Republicans and criticized by fellow Democrats for being too outspoken, harsh and critical of the Republicans, oh the poor Republicans, the dears. The Democrats are trying to be politically correct and it is time they took a page out of Grayson's play book. The Republicans were indignant when Grayson called them out on their lack of a health plan. They are the ones who stooped to lying about death panels and saying that the Democrats were going to take away seniors health care to frighten the old and they've consistently bullied the hapless cowardly Democrats. Finally when someone stands up to them they get huffy and self righteous. They, the Republicans, are like bullies in a school yard. The moment someone stands up to their bulling and fights back, like the bullies and cowards they trully are, they run to the teacher and complain that they are being picked on.
Grayson is a man of courage and is not afraid to take on the Republicans and is willing to say what's on his mind and tell the truth, and it stings. The Republicans in Florida have decided to challenge Grayson with a conservative Republican. I doubt that they will unseat him. We need a voice in congress that the common man, the working middle class in America can respect and relate to. Grayson is that man.


The Yankees have won the third in a row. C.C. was on his game and then Jabba came in and gave up a run but the Yankees rallied in the ninth and Mo closed out the win. Johnny Damian was the key player with heads up running that set the stage for the ninth inning rally with Arod and Jeter contributing hits. New York City needed some good news with the Giants getting wiped and the Jets losing another heart breaker. The next game will see Lee pitching for the Phillies against A. J. Burnett and that will be a challenge for the Yankees. Lee was dominant in the first game but the Yankees have had a look at him. He tamed the Yankees and pitched lights out, it was a near perfect game, I doubt that the Yankees will be that tame the second time around. It is the late innings when the Yankees seem especially dangerous. Burnett pitched a great game against the Phillies in the second game so there will be drama. Okay, the fat lady is beginning warming up her pipes and is deciding what dress to wear. We may soon be hearing her golden voice but until she does it is fun to watch and cheer on your team.


The Lungs of the Earth

by Andrew Glikson

Figure 1. A plot of global mean temperature (increase above pre-industrial
time in degrees C) vs atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) concentration
(in CO2-eqivalent, a value which includes the effect of methane). The
assumed climate is 3+/-1.5 degrees C per doubling of CO2-e. The field I, II,
III, etc. correspond to the IPCC’s various emission scenarios. IPCC Climate
Change 2007: Synthesis Report, figure 5.1

The recent warning by Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact: “We are simply talking about the very life support system of this planet” [1] is consistent with the lessons arising from the history of the Earth’s atmosphere/ocean system. A rise of CO2-e (CO2-equivalent, including the effect of methane) above 500 ppm and of mean global temperature toward and above 4 degrees C, projected by the IPCC [2], Copenhagen [3] and Oxford [4] scientific reports, as well as reports by the world’s leading climate science bodies (NASA/GISS, Hadley-Met, Potsdam Climate Impact Institute, NSIDC, CSIRO, BOM), would transcend the conditions which allowed the development of agriculture in the early Neolithic, tracking toward climates which dominated the mid-Pliocene (3 Ma) (1 Ma = 1 million years) and further toward greenhouse Earth conditions analogous to those of the Cretaceous (145–65 Ma) and early Cenozoic (pre-34 Ma). Lost all too often in the climate debate is an appreciation of the delicate balance between the physical and chemical state of the atmosphere-ocean-land system and the evolving biosphere, which controls the emergence, survival and demise of species, including humans.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

global warming is a man made phenomena and only man can reverse the course, the clock is ticking and time is running out

People tend to focus on the here and now. The problem is that, once global warming is something that most people can feel in the course of their daily lives, it will be too late to prevent much larger, potentially catastrophic changes.
-Elizabeth Kolbert, staff-writer for The New Yorker

According to Earth's CO2 website the world's level of CO2 for September was 384.78. A week after the end of October we will have the numbers for October. The crucial threshold is 350 parts per-million (ppm) in the atmosphere. Past 350 and it is time to get concerned but past 400 it will be time to get very concerned. Once past 400 ppm we enter unknown territory. Recent studies suggest that humans have never lived on the planet when the atmosphere had a level of 400 ppm of CO2. When the planet was last at 400 ppm or greater it was a drastically different planet and not hospitable to humans. Somewhere between 400 and 500 ppm we will see catastrophic effects on the planet. According to James Lovelock we will see a jump in the planets temperature of about 9 degrees. We will be moving towards a desert planet with humanity surviving at the extremes of the northern and southern hemispheres. If Lovelock's dire predictions are correct, and they will be true if humanity does nothing, the very reason for doing nothing will be business as usual, what will the consequences be? In Lovelock's book The Vanishing Face of Gaia Lovelock states "a 9 degree jump will trigger the collapse of global civilization". Those who deny and who say it isn't happening do so at their and our own peril and are refusing to learn the facts. The evidence is clear, the brightest minds have clearly stated that global warming is a man made phenomena and only man can reverse the course, the clock is ticking and time is running out.

Is time to consider bringing back the draft?
With eloquence and grace Bill Moyers talks about Afghanistan and Americas experience in VietNam. It was a painful time in America. We got involved in a war, in a place, VietNam, where we couldn't win, at least not with the policies we were following at the time. Is it "time to bring back the draft and share the suffering"? It is a suggestion whose time has come. The dialogue on Afghanistan is heating up and after the health care legislation is behind us the two major issues facing America will be Afghanistan and climate change. What will it take to win in Afghanistan, how many hundreds of billions of dollars, how many men and women will it take, a million, two or even three? Is the price too high for the perceived benefits. Have we lost our focus on why we are there and is there alternatives?


Yankees won game three in Philadelphia. Pettitte pitched a great game, and got a base hit. Mo closed out the game. As I stated in an earlier post, the Yankees would not lose three games in Philadelphia and there is every possibility that they will win another game in Philadelphia now that Arod's swinging the bat the way he knows how. After the first game the Yankees fan's were calling sports talk radio, and were voices of doom. They were bemoaning the demise of the Yankees and declaring it was all over. O ye of little faith. The fat lady hadn't even warmed up her pipes and you were crying. Now of course they are all running around with their Yankee hats on celebrating a World Series victory that is yet to be won. It isn't over thankfully, there is still baseball to play. It will be exciting, the Phillies are a dangerous team and the struggle will continue. I think the Yankees will win but it will be a tough series and it is only just begun, enjoy the moment