Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fox News and the Big Lie and the Big Hate

“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”
Beck can't help it he's just stupid.
What size shoe does Fox's Glenn Beck wear? It seems that he has the ability to fit it into his mouth. His comment that president Obama is a racist is purely an act of stupidity added to his racist paranoia. He is playing to his base and espousing a self projectory fear, because he perceives that the game has turned against him. And they put this guy on television, go figure. This is another moron that Fox News props up as a newsman. Walter Cronkite's legacy is not in danger from Glenn Stupid Beck. This is nothing new from Fox the "Hate News" network.

Hannity Hate.
"Hannity Trots Out Mark Fuhrman To Assist With Racial Attacks And Distortions Re Obama And Gates
Yes, THAT Mark Fuhrman, one of a long string of white guys accused of racism for whom Sean Hannity has a special affinity (and not counting Hannity's special affinity for white supremacist Hal Turner, currently in jail for threatening a series of public officials). Last night (7/28/09), Hannity and Fuhrman put their heads together for some further racial attacks on President Obama and Professor Henry Gates. For extra smearing, Hannity played an excerpt of Gates’ 1994 interview with C-Span, edited to make him sound like a black radical when, in fact, he was saying something entirely different." by Ellen - Newshounds

Housing News
National new home sales for June 35,000
Foreclosures in California for June 45,691
Whats wrong with this picture?

Health Insurance Companies and the Republican Right
They are rolling out the fear mongers. They are telling lies to frighten the uninformed and the timid. The insurance companies will spend millions to defeat any health care reform. If you think that they are your friends you are sadly mistaken. Hear the stories of people who they denied critical care and critical medication, people who thought they were covered. The insurance companies are the enemy.

Paul Krugman on Health Care
"Health reform made simple"

"Kudos to the Times for a story that, for once, emphasizes the remarkable unity of vision health reformers are showing, rather than the squabbles that are an inevitable part of passing major legislation.
The essence is really quite simple: regulation of insurers, so that they can’t cherry-pick only the healthy, and subsidies, so that all Americans can afford insurance.

Everything else is about making that core work. Individual mandates are a way to prevent gaming of the system by people who don’t sign up until they’re sick; employer mandates a way to hold down the on-budget costs by preventing a rush by employers to drop insurance; the public option a way to create effective competition and hold costs down further.

But what it means for the individual will be that insurers can’t reject you, and if your income is relatively low, the government will help pay your premiums. "
More ...New York Times Paul Krugman

The banks received bailout money from the American people, then they hiked up credit card rates on their customers, nice guys.
Apply for a mortgage modification from Bank America and get fucked. You will end up paying more that you would under your current mortgage. The banks have screwed the American people and it is time for more transparency and greater oversight.
No bank should be to big to fail. Lets break up these monsters and if they fail, let them.

Iranian government has a crisis of legitamacy following the death of Neda Soltan. This is a currupt regime that has outlived it's mandate. This image of this young girl say's it all.