Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Start yanking out my fingernails or begin roasting my nuts and I will confess to shooting Lincoln or sinking the Titanic,

No exceptional circumstances, whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture.

~The United Nations Convention Against Torture, which took on the force of federal law in the U.S. when it was ratified by the Senate in 1994

On Friday October 13th 1307 the king of France, Philip the Fair, caused the mass arrest of the Knights Templar throughout France and with the unwilling cooperation of the pope also arrested them throughout most of Europe. They were accused of heresy, homosexuality, disloyalty, and a myriad of other charges. They were tortured for confessions to these crimes. Many died under torture rather than confess to lies. Many confessed including the grand master Jacques de Molay who at the time was in his seventies and stated that he would have confessed to anything under torture. Finally the king wanted de Molay to publicly confess again to crown his triumph but de Molay finally found his courage and publicly denounced the king and withdrew his confession along with the other knights that were present. They were promptly burned at the steak that day. In the face of torture most people would confess to anything. Start yanking out my fingernails or begin roasting my nuts and I will confess to shooting Lincoln or sinking the Titanic, shit I'll confess to shooting Kennedy.

In light of the attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines passenger jet from Amsterdam to Detroit, the talking head are making a meal out of the event. Karl Rove calls for a military tribunal and criticizes the Obama administration for allowing the federal government to take custody of the perpetrator. Wholly ignoring the fact that it was exactly the same action taken by Bush with the shoe bomber, Richard Reid, who is now serving life in prison in Colorado. Rove calls on the Obama administration to have Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Umar the idiot) interrogated under enhanced interrogation techniques, another word for torture, declaring that he has no rights and is not a citizen. He also said we could get more information out of him this way.

Karl, the guy confessed to everything when he was taken into custody. He gave up everything he knew. He is not exactly the type of person that Al Qaeda would confide all their plans too. But heck Karl lets torture him anyway, it really is fun, and the Christian thing to do. Let's put pins in his genitals and hook up electric leads to them and shock the shit out of him. That's the American way. How about ripping out his finger and toe nails. Makes me proud to be an American Karl. How about we rip his skin from his body with a pair pliers or we can roast his feet over an hibachi and cook the skin of them until the bones fall of his feet, a good one Karl, used in the inquisition. That one would make the Evangelical Right and Republicans dance with glee. That is definitely a flag waver. Karl with really good torture he will tell you anything, he'll tell you he fucked his cat if you wanted him too. In fact we can solve all crime in America by having him confess to everything.

Why don't we reopen Manzanar, Amache, Gila River, Heart Mountain, Jerome, Minidoka, Poston and Rohwer again and start putting all Muslims living in America citizens or not in them until the war on terror is over, who cares if it takes thirty years or more. These are the camps where we interned Japanese Americans in World War Two. Why not do it again Karl, the Republicans and Evangelical Right would approve. Lets call all Muslims guilty until proven innocent. While they are in the camps we can set up torture squads to torture them to exact confessions on anything we want. Boy is this going to be fun Karl. And over all these camps we will fly that symbol of freedom, Democracy and equality the American flag. It'll will make us all proud to be Americans.

It is no joke what Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to do and had he succeeded the reaction would have been one of extremes. The Right in America would have been vindicated. What we have to understand is it is terror. It is a small group of radicals that commit these acts and we need good intelligence to find them and kill them. We need to continue to step up security and screening at our borders and we need to support military action where it does the most good. What we don't need to do is become worse than our enemy. America has always fought for the underdog, we have always opposed those regimes that used torture such as Sadam's Iraq, Hitlers Germany, etc. We should not become the bad guy. Let us not become what they call us, the Great Satin. We need not allow the baser elements in America dictate our actions. We are a country of compassion, decency, hope and courage. That is what we are fighting to preserve and our enemy wants to destroy. We need to keep to our values. Yes, fight against those who would harm us and kill them on the battlefield and prosecute them if caught. Torture, no it is not our way. If we compromise our values then we are can no longer claim to be a nation of law and have become less than out enemies and they win.


Recommended Book: Truth, Torture and the American Way by Jennifer Harbury

"Jennifer Harbury’s investigation into torture began when her husband disappeared in Guatemala in 1992; she told the story of his torture and murder in Searching for Everardo. For over a decade since, Harbury has used her formidable legal, research, and organizing skills to press for the U.S. government’s disclosure of America’s involvement in harrowing abuses in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. A draft of this book had just been completed when the first photos from Abu Ghraib were published; tragically, many of Harbury’s deepest fears about America’s own abuses were graphically confirmed by those horrific images.

This urgently needed book offers both well-documented evidence of the CIA’s continuous involvement in torture tactics since the 1970s and moving personal testimony from many of the victims. Most important, Harbury provides solid, convincing arguments against the use of torture in any circumstances: not only because it is completely inconsistent with all the basic values Americans hold dear, but also because it has repeatedly proved to be ineffective: Again and again, “information” obtained through these gruesome tactics proves unreliable or false. Worse, the use of torture by U.S. client states, allies, and even by our own operatives, endangers our citizens and especially our troops deployed internationally."

~Publisher Comments:


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