Monday, November 2, 2009

A traitor to the Democrats like Liberman tells a pack of lies on television and the Democrats wring their hand. They should come out swinging

I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends ... that if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them. -Adlai Stevenson -Former candidate for President

The current health bill before the house does not go far enough. Pre-existing condition ban does not go into effect until 2013, it's a joke. There should be no pre-existing condition limitation. The insurance companies will be allowed to raise health insurance by premiums by 25%, another concession to the insurance industry. If this bill goes through with major concessions to the health insurance industry it will be seen by the American public as a sellout to the insurance companies as a result of the buying of the Republicans and a group of Democrats by the health insurance industry. The Democrats may be in for a disaster at the polls in the next mid-term election.
The problem with the Democrats is that they are seen as weak. They have the opportunity to show leadership and make a difference but they can't do it. They are so used to getting their butts kicked by the Republicans they haven't a clue how to use the power they have. A traitor to the Democrats like Liberman tells a pack of lies on television and the Democrats wring their hand. They should come out swinging and call him like he is. Owned body and soul by the insurance industry who have donated a million or more to his campaign over the last few years.
If the Democrats lose some governors races that they should have won it is the fault of the Democrats that can't get anything substantial done. Who moan that they need bipartisanship, like the Republicans really care about bipartisanship, when they had the power they ran roughshod over the Democrats. What they, the Republicans, are pissed at is that these milksop Democrats beat them in the last election and won the Presidency, the house and the senate.
The only hope the Democrats have is that the Republicans are beginning to attack their own and they can no longer present a unified front.


The New York City mayoral race is up for grabs Tuesday. Actually not much to grab for Bloomberg has bought and paid for it. The race is between Bill Thompson and Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg violated his own word and voided the term limit for mayor. He is now buying the office of mayor by out spending his opponent Tompson by the tens of millions. Just on principal vote for Thompson.
He has been smeared and vilified by the Bloomberg campaign. If he were guilty of all the Bloomberg campaign said he was guilty off he would be in jail for a hundred years. Bill Thompson is a decent man who doesn't deserve the abuse of a vicious smear campaign from Bloomberg. After this race is over win or lose Bill Thompson can hold his head high.


Rep. Michael McMahon, (D-NY) trying to be all things to all people and failing at it dismally.

I began with great hopes for McMohan but I find that, my representative to congress, Rep. Michael McMahon (D. NY) is a waffler. His position on health care is useless rhetoric. It is pablum for the masses and takes no definitive stand. Where is the man's courage? I admire the action and toughness of Alan Grayson of Florida who has conviction and steps out to do battle with the Republicans, while people like McMahon plays it safe. Playing it safe is cowardice, and the people see it for what it is. No guts no glory.

I am giving my financial support to a Florida Democrat because my representative hasn't the conviction or the courage to take a stand even if it is unpopular with some of his constituents. McMahon hasn't learned one important lesson, you can't be all things to all people. Personally I now hope Vito Fossella gets back into the race and takes back his congressional seat from McMahon. I may disagree with Fossella on some issues but he always lets people know where he stands on the issues.


Politics Daily ( another Republican without a conscience)

Sen. David Vitter Caught on Tape Arguing With Local Rape Victim

As he walks away, the woman calls out, "What if it was your daughter?"

Sen Vitter (R. La) Hypocrite and insensitive to the pain of rape victim. Does the word dirtbag apply? He voted against allowing rape victims from prosecuting their rapist who are employees of government contractors. Senator Vitter is giving aid and comfort to criminals and rapists


The World Series continues. There was no way that the Phillies would roll over and play dead. It is the big show and you have to win it. The fat lady is putting some final touches to her dress and shaving her legs. The next game is in the Bronx, and the Yankee fans will have a chance to see the team win it or heavens forbid..., no I can't say it, it's too painful to contemplate. They are the Yankees and Lee can't pitch any more games and the rest of the Phillies pitching staff is mortal. Arod, Jeter, Posada, and the rest of the Yankees' bats will explode in Yankee stadium.

In the third game in Philadelphia the Yankees battled back in the ninth inning fighting for a comeback but fell a few runs short. They went to Philadelphia and won two out of three. What I had expected, now they go home and have to win one out of two, not impossible and very probable. The are alive and well and ready to give battle in the Bronx. Lets hear a Bronx cheer for the Yankees. Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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