Monday, November 2, 2009

Palin, the great white hope for 2012 to take back America from the black man, the forces of evil, socialism and give it back to the rich, the powerful

"The battle for upstate New York confirms just how swiftly the right has devolved into a wacky, paranoid cult that is as eager to eat its own as it is to destroy Obama."
-Frank Rich, New York Times Columinist

It seems that the Republicans are beginning to eat their young.
Some Conservative Republicans it would seem are not conservative enough and are starting to feel the wrath of the Uber Conservative right Wing of the Republican Party. Up state New York has become a battle ground with the forces of Glen Beck and Sarah (the party of god) Palin on the Uber Conservative Right against the forces of Newt Gingrich and his not conservative enough Conservatives. Both with aspirations for a 2012 run for the presidency are doing everything to establish their dominant role on the Conservative Right, but Palin and Beck seem to have the edge in wackos and nut cases .
This is an amazing three ring circus. The candidate for the congressional seat from upstate New York, Dede Scozzafava, a long time Republican and conservative member of the state government, evidently was not conservative enough for the party of god leaders Beck and Palin. They are supporting, a lawyer from Platsburg and Uber Conservative, Doug Hoffman who wants to cut taxes for the rich. The attacks on Scozzafava were such that she has dropped out of the race and is supporting the Democratic candidate Bill Owens. The Uber Right led by Palin and Beck are beginning to purge the Conservative Republican party of those who are not Uber Conservative enough. They have their champion Palin, the great white hope for 2012 to take back America from the black man, the forces of evil, socialism and give it back to the rich, the powerful and the white man. The sides have begun to eat each others young. Newt is rallying his conservative forces to challenge the Uber Conservatives of Palin, let the games begin.


Grayson is a man of courage.
Rep. Allen Grayson (D-Fl) has been attacked by the Republicans and criticized by fellow Democrats for being too outspoken, harsh and critical of the Republicans, oh the poor Republicans, the dears. The Democrats are trying to be politically correct and it is time they took a page out of Grayson's play book. The Republicans were indignant when Grayson called them out on their lack of a health plan. They are the ones who stooped to lying about death panels and saying that the Democrats were going to take away seniors health care to frighten the old and they've consistently bullied the hapless cowardly Democrats. Finally when someone stands up to them they get huffy and self righteous. They, the Republicans, are like bullies in a school yard. The moment someone stands up to their bulling and fights back, like the bullies and cowards they trully are, they run to the teacher and complain that they are being picked on.
Grayson is a man of courage and is not afraid to take on the Republicans and is willing to say what's on his mind and tell the truth, and it stings. The Republicans in Florida have decided to challenge Grayson with a conservative Republican. I doubt that they will unseat him. We need a voice in congress that the common man, the working middle class in America can respect and relate to. Grayson is that man.


The Yankees have won the third in a row. C.C. was on his game and then Jabba came in and gave up a run but the Yankees rallied in the ninth and Mo closed out the win. Johnny Damian was the key player with heads up running that set the stage for the ninth inning rally with Arod and Jeter contributing hits. New York City needed some good news with the Giants getting wiped and the Jets losing another heart breaker. The next game will see Lee pitching for the Phillies against A. J. Burnett and that will be a challenge for the Yankees. Lee was dominant in the first game but the Yankees have had a look at him. He tamed the Yankees and pitched lights out, it was a near perfect game, I doubt that the Yankees will be that tame the second time around. It is the late innings when the Yankees seem especially dangerous. Burnett pitched a great game against the Phillies in the second game so there will be drama. Okay, the fat lady is beginning warming up her pipes and is deciding what dress to wear. We may soon be hearing her golden voice but until she does it is fun to watch and cheer on your team.


The Lungs of the Earth

by Andrew Glikson

Figure 1. A plot of global mean temperature (increase above pre-industrial
time in degrees C) vs atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) concentration
(in CO2-eqivalent, a value which includes the effect of methane). The
assumed climate is 3+/-1.5 degrees C per doubling of CO2-e. The field I, II,
III, etc. correspond to the IPCC’s various emission scenarios. IPCC Climate
Change 2007: Synthesis Report, figure 5.1

The recent warning by Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact: “We are simply talking about the very life support system of this planet” [1] is consistent with the lessons arising from the history of the Earth’s atmosphere/ocean system. A rise of CO2-e (CO2-equivalent, including the effect of methane) above 500 ppm and of mean global temperature toward and above 4 degrees C, projected by the IPCC [2], Copenhagen [3] and Oxford [4] scientific reports, as well as reports by the world’s leading climate science bodies (NASA/GISS, Hadley-Met, Potsdam Climate Impact Institute, NSIDC, CSIRO, BOM), would transcend the conditions which allowed the development of agriculture in the early Neolithic, tracking toward climates which dominated the mid-Pliocene (3 Ma) (1 Ma = 1 million years) and further toward greenhouse Earth conditions analogous to those of the Cretaceous (145–65 Ma) and early Cenozoic (pre-34 Ma). Lost all too often in the climate debate is an appreciation of the delicate balance between the physical and chemical state of the atmosphere-ocean-land system and the evolving biosphere, which controls the emergence, survival and demise of species, including humans.

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