Thursday, November 5, 2009

"guests, like fish, begin to stink after 3 days" B. Franklin. This is hizzoner's third term and he is beginning to stink

"It is with our heads that we must think and ponder, while it is with our hearts that we muster courage to act boldly when loved ones are at risk."

Larry Schweiger - LAST CHANCE

An interesting week for New Yorkers. King, excuse me I mean Mayor Bloomberg won re-election with a slim margin and the New York Yankees won the world series. One was a good thing one was unfortunate, I am a Yankee fan so the Yankee victory was the good thing. Bloomgerg on the other hand has begun to overstay his welcome as the election results show. A goodly number of New Yorkers want a change, unfortunately just not quite enough made it to the polls. The slim victory will embolden some of Bloomberg's critics and political opponents. Bloomberg should remember the adage, "guests, like fish, begin to stink after 3 days" B. Franklin. This is hizzoner's third term and he is beginning to stink.
His hubris at overturning term limits, that New Yorkers voted for twice, by the city council as a result of his political bribery and arm twisting was a betrayal of the will of the people of New York. They made it clear to him in this election that they remember. He remains in City Hall but his mandate is slim, it will be good to one day see him gone. Gooooooooooooooooo Yankees.


The Blog Alert today focuses on the craziness of the GOP's far, far, far right and Fox (make it up) News. It just makes it easy. The right is crazy, but crazy like a fox, ah ha it ties in nicely with the Fox thing. Nothing that comes out of Fox can be taken too seriously. If one were to rely on Fox for news, as so many unfortunately do, one would be seriously misinformed and have a very slanted and erroneous version of what is really happening in the world and even if a world outside America even exists. This stuff can't be made up. Dick Army is throwing his champion from upstate New York under the bus just after saying he was the next best thing to sliced bread. Hoffman has become a liability and is expendable. The Conservatives lost a seat for the Republicans that they have held since the civil war. Good job by Army, Palin, Beck and Limbaugh, what a dream team the GOP has pushing their agenda.
Fox is now riding the Bachmann band wagon and encouraging the soggy tea-baggers to invade congress and beat up liberals, oh sorry not beat them up physically just intellectually with their arguments against health care. Wrong again there is no intellectuals on the tea-baggers band wagon they hate intellectuals, hence Bachmann is their leader, not exactly a intellectual luminary herself. Congress should hand out dictionaries to help the protesters with their rhetoric maybe improve the quality of their argument. All congress has to do to avoid this distraction is put some signs over the entrance to the congress saying that the free food and beer is down the road. Put a keg and some burgers and fries in a park and the protest will be over. This is the ignorant, ill-informed and misled being led by a woman with a personal agenda and who supports the interests of the insurance industry and their profits to the welfare of the people. It is lions being led by a donkey.


Blog Alert!
The craziness of the GOP and Fox (make believe news) You can't make this stuff up.

Recommended Book:
Last Chance: Preserving Life on Earth
"Larry Schweiger is a much respected environmental leader. He is known for taking on epic battles. Global climate change is certainly the largest battle of our times. In LAST CHANCE the battle lines are clear - they extend from every human to the systems that sustain life on earth. While the complexity of climatic variables like feedback effects are imperfectly known, climate scientists are overwhelmingly and alarmingly of one mind - humanity is in trouble. Many of my colleagues in the science community believe it is the scientist's job to report the facts and nothing but the facts. But what is the scientist to do when the preponderance of evidence clearly suggests that the planet is in trouble? Schweiger's book provides the answer. It is time for everyone to act - the scientist, the politician, the consumer, the activist, the parent and every person interested in a sustainable future. It may well be our last chance.
I finished reading Larry's book last night. It is the optimum mix of precise science, engaging storytelling, political history, and above all the orbital view required to see the critical interconnections of planetary systems. Lest anyone still believe that global climate change will result in simple sea level rise and more storms in the coastal regions, Larry documents the fundamental disruptions that will rip the ecosystem anchors from their complex moorings. These disruptions will leave no major ecosystem intact.
For years, I have been mystified why the science is so clear and yet 53% of Wyoming citizens [my home state] still don't see the connections between their extravagant energy use and the melting glaciers of the Wind River Range. This book explains the mystery.
What a writer! What a book! Last Chance is not just another pessimistic environmental diatribe but an action guide that conveys optimism and direction. Absent from most of the debate on global climate change is hope for our children. LAST CHANCE heralds the hope for our children and a sustainable biosphere. The denizens of denial will realize the truth and power in this book. It is our responsibility to first spread this message as far and as wide as we can." By Craig D. Thompson (Rock Springs, NY)

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