Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conservative Right's intellectual and spiritual leaders are Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, with Rush Limbaugh picking up the rear

"We are talking about Christianizing America. We are talking about simply spreading the Gospel in a political context."
-PAUL WEYRICH (Editor of the Conservative Digest and one of the founding gurus of the New Right)

There are a lot of crazies in this world and the least of them is the far right of the Republican party. They are dominated by the evangelical right who are sitting on hill tops waiting for the rapture with their radios tuned to Glen Beck and running off to soggy tea bag parties when called to scream about socialism or don't mess with my health care. The majority are poorly educated white males, opposed to abortion and gay marriage and liberalism, and are anti-intellectual, anti-women's rights; these are some really scary people. They don't think for themselves. Just look at Doug Hoffman, the defeated Conservative Party candidate, said to Glen Beck "you are my mentor", how lame is that. The Conservative Right's intellectual and spiritual leaders are Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, with Rush Limbaugh picking up the rear; now that is a brain drain if there ever was one.
These are the wackos of the GOP and if the GOP is to survive they need to marginalize this group. If the wackos run the party the moderates are gone, if the moderates run the party the wackos will stay but be a none factor but the party will then continue to play its role in American politics.
The Democrats didn't have it their own way in this last election and they have a lot of work to do. The new Obama Democrats and Independents that supported Obama and the Democrats in the last election are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if the Democrats can and will deliver on their promises. If they don't all bets are off that they will be back. It is the one thing the Republicans are counting on. That is the reason that they block the Democrats at every turn.
The Democrats have to act decisively. One of the major things they have to do is strip Leiberman of his chairmanship and purge the party of it's number one traitor. They need to get tough with the Republicans and the Blue Dogs and call them like they are, closet Republicans with a corporate agenda. They have to forget partisanship and go it alone. President Obama has to stop being Mr. Nice guy and start twisting arms and calling in some markers. Forget compromise on the health bill, do it the right way and let the GOP, the Blue Dogs and Lieberman try and defeat it, and if they do let them answer to the American people. Nobody likes a punk and the Democrats need to stop acting like punks. The Democrats need to stand up to the Republicans and show some Chutzpah then and only then will they will get the respect they are not getting at the moment.


Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) on the public option



Another epic world series. Maybe epic is too strong a word but there is no other. Mo comes into the eighth inning with one out and closes out the inning and sets the stage for the ninth. It is the quintessential American experience. There are no baseball hooligans, no baseball riots, no fencing in the fans like in Europe or South America. The United States is the home to the great game. The fan are enthusiastic and vocal but not violent after all it's baseball.

I remember the ninth inning against the Diamond Backs in 2001 and the agony of defeat. Tonight it was different, a victory with Mariana on the mound and the fans cheering their hero. My MVP is Godzilla, Hediki Matsui who, while this may be his his last season as a Yankee, knocked in six runs and was awsome at the plate. The game was not as exciting as it might have been but win was just as sweet, it has been long wait and the fat lady is singing sweetly. Now we can say it, the New York Yankees are the 2009 World Champions.

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