Saturday, October 17, 2009

'We have ours so screw the rest of you'.

"All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian." -Pat Paulsen, Comedian and Satirist

Illegal immigration; nothing causes so much passion among conservatives than, those people (Mexicans), coming here illegally for the benefits they can suck out our society. They don't speak English, which conservatives consider very un-American. They are here to get the bennies that America can bestow on them. Free school for their kids, free health care at hospital emergency rooms, jobs and the good life , the la buena vida. Also there are the criminal latino gangs, and the inmate population in our jails that we have to feed and support. All these are issues that concern conservatives and oh yes they vote in our elections. I'm sure that millions of illegal aliens from Mexico are rushing to their polling place to vote early and often on election day. I'm sure nobody would notice. Plus they are law breakers and didn't come into America the way we did or our forbearers did, legally. So they are law breakers from the get go. And lastly they are taking jobs away from deserving Americans who are unemployed, like Joe the plumber. I guess there is no disagreeing with the conservatives when it comes to illegal aliens. They, the conservatives, have it all figures out.

If you assume that all illegal immigrants are from Mexico, the twelve million illegal aliens would constitute only about four percent of the American population. Not an overwhelming number. A vocal concern by the Right is that they commit crimes and are involved in gang activities. While Latino gangs are a problem, they are criminals and should be treated as such. The vast majority of Mexican and Latino illegals in the United States are here for work and many are illegally exploited by American employers who need workers to produce what American workers refuse to do. Many are exploited for their labor and work for low pay and are often mistreated. It is true that their children go to our schools, yet the vast majority of illegals are here without their children and families, they work and send money home. Those that are able to get their families into the country often work long hours and are also trying to live the promise of America and build a life for their children all the while living in fear of being discovered and deported.

One of the major issues for Conservatives is legality, these Latinos are law breakers. They are here illegally, they have violated the law. When it comes to the law, the Right suddenly becomes self righteous. Not that they don't bend a few laws themselves. The early settlers of America were illegal aliens, they had no visas and took what they wanted and abused the native Americans who were here first. If we consider most illegal immigrants are Mexicans, as most people do, then they are the descendants of those native Americans who owned all of North America including Mexico and the whole south west. They can claim a prior claim to live anywhere in North America. We have seen this precedent already around the world.

As for the fact that they don't speak English, we do not have national language. In most of the western world, except for England, the people of most countries speak more than one language. In fact it is seen as a sign of an educated person and sophistication to be able to speak more that one language.

There is a mean spiritedness from the Right on this issue. 'We have ours so screw the rest of you'. These people give up all they know and love and come to a hostile country where they face discrimination and financial hardship to have a better life. While illegal immigration is a problem there is a need for low paid workers and there always has been. The illegal immigrants do fill a niche. We can always build the wall higher, but there must be a better way. As for the need for workers we can create a special worker entry permit for Mexican workers after a background check. As for the twelve million illegals that are here already, to round them up and send them back would cost a fortune and be seen as a cruel fate for many illegals who have children that were born here and are American citizens. Instead we could create a more humane process whereby these people can become legal residence after a period of time and proof of employment, with the prospect of citizenship in the future.

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