Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Messiah of the Right, Rush Limbaugh, a bombastic, crude, demagogue, racist who panders to intolerance and the basest instincts of our society.

"...racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic cyberhate messages will provide empirical evidence to support the thesis that, by manipulating deeply held invalidation myths to provide "evidence" for their arguments, high tech hate mongers incite virulent hatred of and harmful action toward targeted minorities." -Evelyn Kallen in Electronic Journal of Sociology (1998)

The Messiah of the Right, Rush Limbaugh, a bombastic, crude, demagogue, racist who panders to intolerance and the basest instincts of our society. One group that is strongly in the Limbauga camp is the evangelical movement. It is composed largely of white midwest and southern American population. They are mostly low income and working class, poorly educated with strong beliefs in the bible and the evangelical message while supporting a Right Wing agenda.

They are opposed to gay rights, gay marriage, abortion, civil rights, and inclusion and support the Republican party. They are led by a range of religious leaders from James Dobson to Rick Warren. See chart below which is out dated, a more current report would assume a ten to twenty percent increase.

Church Attendance* City, State Pastor

Lakewood Church 25,060 Houston, Tex. Joel Osteen

World Changers 23,093 College Park, Ga. Rev. Creflo

Dollar Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa 20,000 Santa Ana, Calif. Pastor Chuck Smith

The Potter's House 18,500 Dallas, Tex. Bishop T.D. Jakes

Second Baptist Church 18,000 Houston, Tex. Dr. H. Edwin Young

Southeast Christian Church 17,863 Louisville, Ky. Bob Russell

First Assembly of God 17,532 Phoenix, Ariz.Dr. Tommy J. Barnett

Willow Creek Community Church 17,115 S. Barrington, Ill. Bill Hybels

Calvary Chapel of Ft. Lauderdale 17,000 Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Pastor Bob Coy

Saddleback Valley Community Church 15,030 Lake Forest, Calif. Dr. Rick Warren

*Catholic churches are not tracked for this study. This is all 2003 attendance data and represents total weekend attendance for each congregation. Source: Dr. John N. Vaughan, Church Growth Today

Limbaugh's appeal is his limited message, he keeps it a simplistic, anti-intellectual and his rambling dialogue is full of code hate speech and simple Right Wing phrases. All the time suggesting that anyone who disagrees with this warped point of view is un-American. Hate is a big part of the message. His recent foray into the world of the National Football League ended after the members of the owners association, mostly Republicans, were outspoken in opposition to his involvement. In addition the players from the NFL were un-charististicly opposed to his involvement, citing his racist statements and his attitude to black Americans and Americans of color including his statements against Obama.

His audience is large but a minority of Americans. He speaks to a dedicated audience looking to reinforce their prejudices and intolerance while wrapping themselves in the flag, and their perception of an America that doe not exist. Limbaugh is someone that the real Republican mainstream, the middle, need to distance themselves from if it is ever going to again take it's place as the party of A. Lincoln and T. Roosevelt.


Fox, white man News finally being seen as it really is. Not a news service but a propaganda arm for the Right Wing Republicans. The phrase "Fair and Balanced" is a necesary lie and is beginning to be seen for what it is.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told CNN that Fox News is "not a news organization." He added, "[I]t's important not to have the CNN's and the others of the world being led and following Fox, as if what they're trying to do is a legitimate news organization." Political Animal

Rahm Emanuel disses Fox, white man, News as not a news service.

Republicans need a lot of work.
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