Tuesday, October 27, 2009

health insurance industry has spent tens of millions to brainwash the American people, and contributed tens of millions to Republicans in congress

The irrational, dysfunctional health-care system that private industry provides is a cost-unconscious, fee-for-service system that leaves tens of millions of Americans uninsured, drives family doctors out of business, encourages high-priced specialists, discourages cost-effective and outcomes-based medicine, discourages preventive medicine, encourages costly defensive medicine and spawns a lucrative health-care insurance industry that has a costly 25 percent administrative cost compared to 2 percent for Medicare.” -Stanley Thomas

Health Care continues to be hotly debated and shills for the insurance industry are out there parading around giving speeches, scaring people, especially seniors, and acting like concerned citizens. Suggesting that the health insurance companies are benevolent while the government wants to kill you. In truth the Republicans support the insurance companies and oppose an alternative lower cost public option, and it is the Republican's friends, the health insurance companies, who will drop you and let you die if you get a major illness. So by association the Republicans are trying to kill you, or at least turning a blind eye to their friends and financial benefactors the health insurance industry.
Remember it was the Republicans that opposed Medicare for thirty years until the Democrats had enough votes to pass it under President Johnson a Democrat. It was the Republicans who opposed Social Security passed by President Roosevelt, a Democrat, and who was opposed by Republicans. It was president Bush, a Republican, who tried to dismantle the Social Security system and who created the donut hole in prescription coverage that causes so much financial stress for seniors. Since when did the Republicans or any corporation act benevolent? They don't, especially the health insurance industry. They let people die. They drop sick people for the sake of profits. They abandon their own customers if they get a major illness and need expensive health care. People, don't be stupid and stop believing lies that the health care companies want you to believe, think for yourselves and get the facts, and most importantly don't get sick, because if you do you will be faced with some unpleasant truths. The health insurance industry has spent tens of millions to brainwash the American people, and contributed tens of millions to Republicans in congress and lesser amounts to Democrats to get them to support their lies. As P.T.Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Don't be a sucker.


"France to increase cost of one night in the hospital by 25%!
It's going from $24 to $29." And the French people are all upset. What's wrong with this picture. An American over night stay in a hospital is $500 to $2000, in France an over night stay in a hospital $29, Ouch! But of course we like to say our health care is superior. Don't kid yourself. It is pretty much the same care. But the price isn't. Oh yes, we scream from the roof tops that it's socialism, it is socialized medicine but it is also social responsibility. When people get sick they are not dropped by the system and left to die as is the practice by the American health insurance industry.


Rachel Maddow asks uncomfortable questions of "the Parasite" health scare tactics


Defend Net Neutrality-maintain a free and open internet. Stop the corporations from stealing and taking control of the internet and controlling access. They didn't invent it, develop it or build it but now they want to control it.
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FOX (lies and distortions) NEWS less than reliable reporting, actually distortions and biased news
From Eric Boehlert MEDIA MATTERS.org
Why Fox (lies and distortions) News in not a legitimate news service and what everyone knew but didn't want to admit. "...a legitimate news organization does not:

• Source its research to "conservative blogs."
• Purposefully present stories out of context.
• Regularly declare "Victory!" when a White House initiative fails.
• Ignore a breaking news story that embarrasses the Republican Party.
• Invite fringe conspiracy theorists to appear on news shows.
• Suggest during a news program that Democrats voted to "protect pedophiles, but not veterans."
• Routinely accuse the president of the United States of being like Adolf Hitler.
• Describe itself as the "voice of the opposition."
• Air more than 100 commercials promoting partisan political rallies.
• Show 22 clips of health care reform opponents who attended town hall forums, and none of health reform supporters.
• Purchase full-page newspaper ads to spread falsehoods about the news competition.
• Invade the privacy of second-grade students.
• Promote violent political rhetoric.
• Fail to fact-check a murder story before airing allegations about it.
• Allow a news anchor to suggest a Supreme Court nominee is guilty of "reverse racism." ' More....

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