Monday, October 26, 2009

Fox can sit around and interview each other and agree with each other about how dangerous and evil the Left is

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.
-Andre Gide (1869 - 1951) Author and Nobel Prize for literature

President Obama has had some criticism from some supporters on the Left and of course the Right is screaming, but that's what they do, about his shunning Fox, white man, News and limiting their access. He has every right to respond to Fox's lies and distortions in any way he pleases. Some critics have suggested that the MSNBC is equally bias against the Right. They are left of center but so far they haven't made up the news. Their commentary while entertaining is often insightful and Dr. Rachel Maddow brings a depth and intelligence to hers examination of the issues. It is nice to listen to someone who with real smarts. Unlike the morons on Fox like Glen Beck and the rest. Obama's administration is right, Fox is not broadcasting news. They are not a true news network. Fox is a propaganda machine for the Right and Rupert Murdock, the owner of Fox and a born again Christian, pushes that political agenda, the truth be damned. He has a right to any religious belief but it is an agenda of the extreme Right and it is vigorously pursued to the exclusion of the truth. Obama is treating them as they should be treated. Now Fox can sit around and interview each other and agree with each other about how dangerous and evil the Left is. Obama should keep Fox out of the White House, Air Force One, and out of his news conferences. Treat them as they deserve to be treated, like the pariah they are.


Must see story on the Immoral Majority about Fox, white man, News admit they lie and distort the news. I think I've been saying that for a long while, now here it is from their own mouths. Question, How can you tell when Fox, white man, News newscasters are lying? Easy, their lips are moving.


350 is rapidly becoming a distant memory. We are currently at 389 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. The warnings from the scientific community are dire and yet the party rolls along. Humans have never lived on the planet with CO2 levels this high and the consequences of this level in CO2 may be catastrophic if we don't reduce the level back down to 350 or lower. For more details go to


There is still joy in Mudville, the New York Yankees have won the American League Pennant. Watching the game on television I always feel a twinge of sorrow for the losers. The television camera always swing to the losers dugout and they just seem stunned and disbelieving as they watch the victors hug, dance and slap each other on the back. But we shouldn't feel to sorry for them, they will be back. There is always next year and they live privileged lives. Meanwhile the Yankees are again where they were ordained to be, in the World Series. They will play the Philadelphia Phillies and while I like the city of Philadelphia I never liked the Philadelphia Phillies so this is an easy game to watch. I can cheer on the Yankees against the hated Phillies. Ah, what a game. Maybe this is a way we can solve the debate in congress. Choose up sides have a playoff game and the losers go home. Go Yankees!


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