Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The people have power.... The politicians, corporations and media are all afraid of an informed citizenry armed with the facts

“You can bend it and twist it... You can misuse and abuse it... But even God cannot change the Truth.”
-Michael Levy

The website opensecrets.org is a web site where we can see how much money our politicians are receiving from lobbyists. Go there and check it out. When you begin to understand the numbers you have to ask yourself, self who are our representatives truly representing? When corporations are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to a senators campaign he has to be hard pressed to support any legislation that goes against the donors interest. Sen. Baucus D. Mon, for example receives money from the health insurance industry. He is from a state, Montana, with a low population, low income and raising money for his campaign can be daunting. Getting tens of thousands of dollars from the health insurance company has to play a role in his thinking. In truth as we said in Brooklyn when I was a kid and they probably still say it, money talks and bullshit walks. Another good one, Will Rogers once said, "we have the best government that money can buy." It's a truism that is hard to argue with. We need to throw them all out of office every year, then maybe we will have honest government.
There is a place for lobbyists but on the scale that these corporate lobbyists can influence our representatives it is amazing we ever get anything done for the people. The health insurance companies have poured tens of millions into the coffers of both the Republican and Democrats in an effort to undermine the presidents push for universal health care. They know that a public option would give them more competition and they would have to lower prices to compete and that they would have to be more responsible to their policy holders. No corporation wants competition, they want profit at all and any cost.
The other fox in the hen house is the Right Wing media, the congress and their lobbyists have been supported by the whores of the Right Wing media such as Fox, white man, News and their radio counterparts. Basically it's business and like I said money talks. The poor, blacks, hispanics don't have money so fuck em, the liberals are not supported by or supporters of big business because they have a social conscience therefor fuck them also.
The evangelical Right is supportive of the Republican Conservative Right because their issues are anti-abortion, anti-gays, and keeping their racial purity, are the opposite of liberal positions. They have numbers and are controlled by evangelical preachers and support their Republican bretheren. That is the reality and it is a bitch but there you have it. How can we fight back, vote the scum bags out of office. As for Right Wing Conservative radio and television, fuck them, don't listen to them, boycott their sponsors, write letters and support blogs that tell it like it is. The people have power they just have to decide to use it. The politicians, corporations and media are all afraid of an informed citizenry armed with the facts. Go and read www.opensecrets.org and learn what some of these lying pieces of shit we voted into office are receiving from corporate lobbyists to do their bidding.


Online site called opensecrets.com that shines the light of day on the Money, who gets it and how much. Whose interest is the congress of the United States really protecting.

Hold Olympia Snow accountable for her betrayal of the trust of the voters and her sell out to the health insurance industry

Yea, this guy is Mr. Compassionate with his government health care program for him and his family. He is a true Republican, he doesn't give a fuck about anybody. The voters of Virginia elected a real piece of shit. His answer to this woman is heartless. Charities are strapped for money, the economy folks, and the waiting list for charity service at a hospital could be forever. Maybe the government should give up their premium government health care program and go out and buy their own coverage. No way they would scream bloody murder especially the Republicans.

Scarborough on Beck: ‘You cannot preach hatred’

A rational conservative voice. See the video. Worth watching.


  1. With little differences a $25,000 car costs the same in NY, Oregon, Iowa or Fla. The same with other commodities like milk or 2"x4" lumber, etc. Bread doesn't cost more because the real estate taxes costs more to own, lease and/or operate. Why is it then that health insurance is not uniformly priced. Why do we pay more in NY than in Michigan or Oregon or elsewhere. Why not uniformity in premium cost? Doc Graham.

  2. During the health care debate no-one has mentioned an individual would be denied a heart by-pass operation, or a hip replacement. Those issues are the smoke screen topic of debate. By the same token chances are you know a boat load of people who have a bunch of orange pill bottles on their night stand and more on the kitchen counter or coffee table. We have become a nation of pill junkies with people recommending medications to each other and demanding prescriptions from their doctors. What impact does pharmaceuticals have on the cost of health care, and do you think anyone capable of weaning Americans off the drugs? Doc Graham.