Wednesday, August 26, 2009

those who would mar his legacy will not even be footnotes in history, just forgotten shadows of lesser men.

"To become truly great, one has to stand with the people, not above them"

Charles de Montesquieu

Ted Kennedy in death has come under assault from the Right. His body is not even cold and they are relentless in attacking a man who can no longer defend himself. It speaks volumes as to what they are. For most of my adult life I was not a fan of Ted Kennedy. I had, in my misbegotten youth, become a conservative. I believed the mantra, I liked being on top of the food chain, not financially but socially, culturally and racially. I thought I belonged to the elite America. I voted for every Republican that ran over the past forty years. One day while listening to Hannity it dawned on me that if every Democrat in America were to quit politics, send Hannity a hundred dollars and and buy his book they still couldn't do anything right or good. They were evil, had no virtue and did everything to harm Hannity's America.

The realization was profound. I saw a president that was destroying the American economy, lied to get us into a war, condoned torture and allowed billions of dollars to be siphoned off by Halliburton. The Bush administration was ignoring climate change, ignoring threats to the environment, was a failure in New Orleans after Katrina. The Bush Administration was great for the big corporate fat cats who were getting fatter while American men and women died in the streets of Iraq. The conservative media loved him, he could do no wrong. Hannity, Limbaugh, O'reilly, and their ilk swooned over every word action and deed of the Bush Administration, and America was hurting.

Ted Kennedy fought for the American people, not just for the rich, but all Americans, all races, all religions, all nationalities. He fought against the credit card companies when they supported changes in the law on bankruptcy. He fought for the common man. He fought against the banks, the health insurance companies, he support the rights of women. For a list of all his votes see;

Now he is dead and he deserves better from those who opposed him. He would not do to them what they do to him, he was more noble. He was fallible, but let god be his judge.

His greatness will live on and those who would mar his legacy will not even be footnotes in history, just forgotten shadows of lesser men.

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