Monday, August 17, 2009

White Racist Humor, funny stuff, except if your black.

“At the heart of racism is the religious assertion that God made a creative mistake when He brought some people into being”
Friedrich Otto Hertz

Since the presidential election of Obama email humor about Obama has flooded my mail box from some friends and associates. Much of it racist humor. It's not funny even though many of the people that send it seem to think so. It is racist and it is disgusting. They might balk and feign innocence that they just think it funny but if it were anti Semitic funny would they laugh if they were Jews? If it were anti Italian would they laugh at low Italian humor? I think not, but the truth is THEY KNOW IT'S RACIST. But Obama is "Black" and there in lies the difference, because they are not black. But hey, I am white so I guess it's okay to share the joke with a fellow white man. Isn't it them against us any way?
I have decided that from now on I am going to forward every Obama racist piece of shit they send me to every Hispanic, black and person of color I know and attach the senders name to it and let everyone know how funny they think it is. So I am now looking forward to the next piece of Obama humor that comes into my computer. Man your going to love this, this is going to be funny stuff. All my friends of color will just laugh their heads off.
Strangely my friends of color haven't thought to send me any of this humor, they are missing out on the funny stuff. It must be funny because some of my white friends think so. Lets share it with everyone.

Fox "The White Man's" News. "Poll: Few people trust Fox News other than whites, southerners, and Republicans." Think Progress. What's new. Then again, thinking people know this.


  1. I like your blog. Please make sure that Immoral Minority add you to his blog roll.

    Reesie in VA

  2. Narcing someone off for being a closet racist is never the answer. They need to be dropped off in an undeveloped nation and forced to see the realities of the "humor" they so often lob. Sit in a fecies infested swimming/bathing stream outside of a refuge camp watching children play in it for a week and then tell me you think being black or arab or indian or asian is a reason to target you for abuse.

    Sending these messages to your "non-white" friends is just a way to darken the day of a person who shouldn't be made to dwell on the fact that there are still very messed up minded folks in America, *lots of'em* thankfully currently the minority. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Thank God we didn't find out the whole nation was racist on election day last year. *whew*