Friday, July 4, 2008

“It’s my holiday, 4th of July, not yours”

The Cost of The War in Iraq

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“"The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men." -Samuel Adams”

“It’s my holiday, 4th of July, not yours” Jason Lewis

A replacement for Rush (red neck) Limbaugh, Jason (red neck) Lewis was speaking to a listener on Thursday July 3rd, 2008 and was answering questions about Obama. The answers were tinged with a right wing slant, kind of strangling the truth, but they were the opinions of the host. The caller had a slight accent and may have been from Eastern Europe. At the end of the brief conversation the host said have a nice 4th of July, to which the caller said you too, then Lewis to my complete surprise said “and it’s my holiday not yours”. He could not have been more mean spirited or cruel, which I see as one of the characteristics of the right wing media. I wondered who made Jason Lewis a pure blooded American. Maybe he was an Apache, or Sioux Indian. But how stupid of me, of course a Native American the unique underclass in America would never host the Rush Limbaugh show, what was I thinking? So somewhere in Jason Lewis’ embarrassed past must be some ancestor who came to America from either Europe or Africa hat in hand hoping for a new life and a chance for a better life for their children than they would have had in the old country. But Jason Lewis, hypocrite and racist, insults all immigrants who seek a better life in America as all our ancestors have done. It is embarrassing to me as a republican that people like Jason Lewis speaks for the Republican right, the message he sends is not American it is one of intolerance, racism and bigotry. This Fourth of July we celebrate the birth of a great nation, “conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” Lincoln. These words are lost on men like Jason Lewis, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the rest, somewhere they have lost the thread of what America is, they have become mean bitter men dedicated to a vision of America best suited to the Third Reich.
As a child I was raised in Europe, although born in NYC and taken to Europe at one year of age, I saw America as a wonderful place that held out hope. I have lived abroad and have had the unique experience of seeing America from a different perspective. These narrow-minded bigots harm America just as much as the terrorists with their narrow minded couched white supremacist hate speech.
If Jesus Christ came back they would say he’s not from here, go back where you came from. Hey he’s not a Christian he's a Jew, in fact an orthodox Jew, and a radical, a mamzer. I doubt that they would like his views. What would Jesus say about gay or lesbians, what would he say about blacks, the poor, the immigrants, the lame, the lepers? Would he eat at McDonalds (Jesus as a orthodox Jew would be Kosher so could not eat at McDonalds but that's not the point) or boycott them for their support of diversity? I can see the headlines now, Jesus Boycotts McDonalds for Supporting Gay Rights. I think the right wing media, Rush, Sean and the rest, would be hard pressed to support a radical Orthordox Jew telling them to love thy neighbor, no way if he's Mexican, black or has an accent.

Drill, Drill and Drill some more.
Drilling more oil is the answer, drill, drill, drill off shore oil, drill in Anwar Alaska; in fact drill everywhere is the answer to the oil crisis. Of course by the time the oil comes on line and we become self sufficient, if you believe in fairy tales, which will take between 6 to 10 years and the price of gasoline at the pump may very well be between $7 to $12 dollars a gallon and of course the climate will be a runaway disaster that the republicans will blame on the Democrats or straight out deny it is even happening, but that’s another story. Of course our usage of oil will have increased and we will have probably drilled in the North Pole region since it will be free of ice year round and ruined Alaska. So now that we have this new oil production and are not dependent of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and the rest, Mobile/Exxon will be magnanimous and philanthropic and sell it’s oil to the American public at much lower prices that their fellow oil producers. Maybe they will sell it to the American people for $2 dollars a gallon. Are you freaking crazy! No way, are the oil companies going to sell oil to the American public for a penny less than their brethren are selling it for? If you think that, you are deluding yourself and I have a slightly used bridge to sell you cheap. They will get as much as their Arab and African brethren, only a self deluded fool or a right wing apologist would think otherwise. Think, the oil companies have never made this much profit in the history of oil production. They have made more profits than most countries gross national production. Do not think they will give it away cheaply; you will pay through the nose and they will continue to oppose all alternative sources of energy production.

Recommended Book:

From the days of Barry Goldwater through his work for presidential candidate Steve Forbes, Philip Gold was an active and influential conservative. The Great Society of the ‘60s seemed like a scam to this poor Jewish kid from Pittsburgh, so off he went to Yale and thus began a thirty-year crusade for the Right as an Ivy League marine, a cog in the think-tank world, participant in political campaigns, and a Beltway defense intellectual in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But growing disillusionment with the creed and its people provoked his clean break from the Right in 2002. Lithely written yet earnest, peppered with humor and insight, Take Back the Right is an anecdotal tale of a Republican policymakers breakup with the conservative movement. While regaling readers with personal and political tales, Gold explores the forces that prompted his opposition to the war in Iraq, his first published critiques of Bush and the neo-conservatives around him, and his dismay at the cultural conservatives who have alienated the party from its roots. Gold predicts that our country is facing its greatest crises since the 1850s as his book prepares readers for what lies ahead and how we can avert disaster.
Editorial Review, Amazon

Who Are The Global Warming Deniers?

Many climate-change sceptics like to think they are proudly independent people, refusing to be cowed by UN-sponsored orthodoxy from the IPCC. In fact, the arguments of climate sceptics have largely been moulded by a far more sinister force - the US-based conservative think tanks. A recent academic survey of environmentally sceptical books found that 92 per cent were linked with these think tanks, which include the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Since the early 1990s, these and other industry-funded front groups have been leading an anti-environmental backlash, changing the tenor of the political debate on environmental issues and bombarding the media and the public with disinformation.
The authors of the study, published in the June edition of a journal called Environmental Politics, argue that, far from being a true grass-roots movement, "environmental scepticism is an elite- driven reaction to global environmentalism, organized by core actors within the conservative movement". The "self-portrayal of sceptics as marginalised 'Davids' battling the powerful 'Goliath' of environmentalists and environmental scientists is a charade", given that the "sceptics are supported by politically powerful conservative think tanks funded by wealthy foundations and corporations".
By, Mark Lynas; Newstatesman

Jim Hansen at the National Press Club, and briefing to the House Select Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming
Global Warming Twenty Years Later: Tipping Points Near
"Changes needed to preserve creation, the planet on which civilization developed, are
clear. But the changes have been blocked by special interests, focused on short-term profits, who hold sway in Washington and other capitals."

Impeach Bush and Cheney!

Honor the Fallen

Army Master Sgt. Shawn E. Simmons, Died: June 29, 2008
39, of Ashland, Mass.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Bragg, N.C.; died June 29 in Khosrow-E Sofla, Afghanistan, from injuries sustained when his vehicle rolled into a canal. Also killed were Sgt. James M. Treber and Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey M. Rada Morales.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey M. Rada Morales, Died: June 29, 2008
32, of Naranjito, Puerto Rico.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Bragg, N.C.; died June 29 in Khosrow-E Sofla, Afghanistan, from injuries sustained when his vehicle rolled into a canal. Also killed were Master Sgt. Shawn E. Simmons and Sgt. James M. Treber.

Army Sgt. James M. Treber; Died: June 29, 2008
24, of Imperial Beach, Calif.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Bragg, N.C.; died June 29 in Khosrow-E Sofla, Afghanistan, from injuries sustained when his vehicle rolled into a canal. Also killed were Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey M. Rada Morales and Master Sgt. Shawn E. Simmons.

Army Staff Sgt. Travis K. Hunsberger, Died: June 27, 2008
24, of Goshen, Ind.; assigned to 2nd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Bragg, N.C.; died on June 27 of wounds sustained from an improvised explosive device while on combat patrol near Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Joseph A. McKay, Died: June 26, 2008
51, of Brooklyn, N.Y., assigned to the 2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry Regiment (Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition), New York Army National Guard, Jamestown, N.Y.; died from wounds sustained June 26 near Forward Operating Base Shank, Afghanistan, when his convoy encountered improvised explosive devices, small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades. Also killed were Sgt. 1st Class Matthew L. Hilton and Spc. Mark C. Palmateer.

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