Monday, March 17, 2008

Bush says there is no financial crisis and (to quote the bard) he is an honorable man.

Free Tibet
It's time to boycott the Olympics and embarrass China and shine the light of world opinion on the shameful treatment of Tibet and the Tibetan people.

The Cost of The War in Iraq

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Iraq; The Truth
There are now 4000+ American Casualties

What is the truth about Iraq?

Paralyzed Iraq Vet Responds to Cheney

Stephen Johnson, Troglodyte of the year
The Environmental Defense Fund reports; "The EPA is defying the Supreme Court and endangering our economy, our environment, and our health. The law and the science are clear: The EPA must regulate global warming causing pollution.

Instead, as today's Washington Post editorial reports, EPA administrator Stephen Johnson has spent the last year "making decisions that increased U.S. contributions to global warming." This includes denying California's waiver request to cut global warming pollution from automobiles -- an unprecedented step that derailed similar efforts in 11 other states."

There is no financial crisis says Bush, and after all he is an honorable man
A 6 trillion dollar trade deficit, but there is no financial crisis says Bush and after all he is an honorable man, A 30 billion bail out of Bear Stearns but there is no financial crisis says Bush, and after all he is an honorable man, 2.260.000 working class families are losing there homes dues to the mortgage crisis and predatory lending practices, but no government bail out for them only the stock holders of Bear Stearns get that, but there is no financial crisis says Bush, and after all he is an honorable man. The New York Times article states "In recent weeks, the central bank announced a series of emergency short-term loan programs that totaled about $400 billion. But on Sunday, Fed officials raised the stakes by offering investment banks a new loan program without any explicit size limit.

These moves, along with a $30 billion credit line to help JPMorgan Chase take over the failing Bear Stearns, is fraught with more than financial risk.

The biggest danger is damage to the Federal Reserve’s credibility if it is seen as unwilling to let financial institutions face the consequences of their decisions. Central banks have long been acutely sensitive to “moral hazard,” the danger that rescuing investors from their mistakes will simply encourage others to be more reckless in the future." But President bush says there is no financial crisis and he is an honorable man.

If the Iraq war goes on for another year or two the the cost to the American public could exceed one trillion dollars, an amount of money which could go a long way to solving many of our social ills, and a debt that our great grandchildren will be still paying for, but there is no financial crisis says Bush, and after all he is an honorable man. Bush by his words and deeds has declared the working class expendable. He's willing to sacrifice the working class for the bankers and their stock holders, forgetting that for the working class their future is their homes. This crisis was brought on by the bankers and their greed. Bush is out of touch and out of step with the American people, but he is after an honorable man.
America wake up!

Where have all the journalists gone?

I watch the news and I just fume. So much disinformation and and disingenuous statements pretending to be news. There is virtually no more free press in America. Fox, MSNBC and CNN are owned by big business. CNN the best of the lot is now sponsored by the coal industry, I will bet that there will be no more news stories on how coal contributes to climate change or the destruction of the planet. There are a few valid sources of news left but they are all tainted. BBC is anti-American but maybe that is good, we can see how the world views us, since everybody is anti-American thanks to Bush's policies that have alienated all our friends and the good will we had after 9/11. Link TV and Democracy Now are an excellent sources of news, although they leans to the left. NPR is also good except they take money from EXXON, nuf said. Possibly two of the few journalists left in the main stream media with integrity are Bill Moyers of PBS and Lou Dobbs of CNN both have taken the administration to task for their lies and have shined the light of day on the administration's hypocrisy.

The New York Times, well it is no longer what it was. Where have all the journalists gone? Where is the press that asked the tough questions. The press that dug and dug till it got to the truth, the press that was not afraid to to shine the light of day on the lies of those in power that abused the trust that the American people gave them.

The Tragedy of War, what you won't see on mainstream TV
See what Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh won't show you. Click on the link below and see that pain and suffering inflicted on young American soldiers and marines. The Winter Soldiers.

Election 2008

It has been an amazing race. The Republican Right failed to get their candidate to the starting post. The evangelicals candidate fell by the wayside, thank you god. The Republicans are left with John McCain a good man, a war hero and man that loves America and wants to do the right thing and will be a better president than Bush but who is out of touch and out of step with the American people.

The Democrats on the other hand are addressing the pressing concerns of Americans, health care, the deficit, the looming financial melt down and recession. They want to get out of Iraq, we won lets go home. They don't have all the answers but they are not wedded to the Republican Rights agenda, and that is good. Who ever wins the nomination I think will be our next president and then we will be able to begin to reclaim the greatness that is our country and lead the world.

Give Veterans Real Veterans Benefits.
It is time that congress give our veterans a GI bill equal to that of World War Two and Vietnam War Veterans. Not the current flimflam that is perpetrated on veterans today. Very often they sign away their rights when they join the military to get more money. They deserve what a great-full nation can do for them and and nothing less. It is time for congress to put its money where its mouth is and create a meaningful bill that would give these veterans an opportunity their fathers and grandfathers had. They deserve no less.

Honor our Fallen Heroes

Army Spc. Dustin C. Jackson
March 12, 2008
21, of Arlington, Texas; assigned to the 350th Adjutant General Company, Grand Prairie, Texas; died March 12 in Tallil, Iraq, of wounds sustained when his vehicle was hit by indirect fire. Also killed were Staff Sgt. Juantrea T. Bradley and Pfc. Tenzin L. Samten.

Army Spc. Christopher J. West
Died: February 04, 2008
26, of Arlington, Texas; assigned to the 1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.; died Feb. 4 in Balad, Iraq, of wounds sustained on Feb. 3 in Muqdadiyah, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated during combat operations..

Army Staff Sgt. Michael D. Elledge
Died: March 17, 2008
41, of Brownsburg, Ind.; assigned to the 1st Battalion, 68th Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colo.; died March 17 in Baghdad, Iraq, from wounds sustained when his vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device during combat operations. Also killed was Spc. Christopher C. Simpson.

To visit the list of our fallen heroes go to,

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