Sunday, April 8, 2007


I am continually troubled by the war in Iraq and a president who is surrounded by intelligent people but seems incapable of understanding the true nature of the issues. We need to disengage from Iraq, and if necessary dance with the devil. By that I mean we must develop a dialog with Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Nancy Pelosi seems to be the one person with the intelligence and courage to do what is needed. These states will be impacted by an all out civil war in Iraq when we leave, and we must leave, as it serves no ones interest to have a civil war in Iraq, it may very well destabilize the region a result they fear and a reason to act. A destabilized region could lead to all kinds of consequences for the states involved. Working together they can rein in the militias and marginalize the radical fringe groups. They and the Iraqis are the ones that can solve the problems facing Iraq.
Having the United States bogged down in Iraq does serves the Iranians very nicely. We slowly bleed men, equipment, billions of dollars and will. While their leadership tries to sure up Iran's weak economy and distract its own people from the failed promises
of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejadit's government.
The United States will always be seen as occupiers and we cannot stop the internal strife. The real danger to America is the lack of true leadership and commitment to do what is necessary at home to secure the nation. In a recent broadcast on CSpan Stephen Flynn discusses his book "America The Vulnerable" and the true danger America faces. In truth the homeland security budget is not enough to meet the true need. Our sea ports are virtually open doors and poorly policed. The American infrastructure is in decay.

Forthcoming Podcast
I began reading Podcasts for Dummies. These Dummies books are very under rated, they are packed with a lot of useful information. I will be posting my first podcast soon. It will be an interview of Ms. Josephine Maisonet, an artist, and well informed woman with some interesting insights.