Monday, October 22, 2007

The truth can be a painful thing

American Troops coming home in flag draped coffins.

The War
Bush's war goes on in Iraq, Americans die, the bodies keep coming home. Sad as that is, what is worse is the treatment and care that our wounded warriors receive when they come home. If Bush really cared he would insist that the VA take care of our returning wounded veterans and that they and their families be treated with the respect and decency they deserve.

We salute an American Hero who gave the last full measure.
Lt. Michael P. Murphy Medal of Honor recipient
October 22, 2007 an American hero was honored by a grateful nation. Murphy a U. S. Navy Seal was killed fighting in Afghanistan.

Two world wars weren't enough,
World War Three is on the horizon. Bush and Cheney have been cranking up the Iran rhetoric. If we let them Bush and Cheney they will drag us into a war with Iran and inflame the whole middle east. If the current demonstrations in London, Denmark etc, are anything to worry about I can only imagine what will happen once we bomb the crap out of Iran. Bush and Cheney are playing into the hands of the Apocrypha's, Christian evangelicals. The fact that Bush said he speaks to God is frightening. I only hope God is talking some sense into him.

The History of The American People
It seems that I have been away from this blog for a long while. It's just that I have been procrastinating about my next post. It is time to post. I have been reading Paul Johnson's "The History of The American People" and I am honestly totally absorbed by the book. It is a wonderful read. Johnson a transplanted Englishman writes with a passion of an man that has fallen in love with America and the American people. Ironically he is English and it is the English that really settled America in the 17th century and set us on the road to our republic, the great and wonderful experiment that is America. It's worth a read, I recommend it.

China's Meltdown
I did get some other reading done and in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs they have an essay on China titled "The Great leap Backward?" by Elizabeth C. Economy a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of "The River Runs Black: The environmental Challenges to China's Future." China has seen phenomenal growth in the last ten years and it is the economic dragon of the east. but at what price. I have railed against pollution and global climate change and what America needs to do but the US pales in comparison to the destruction of the environment caused by the industrial growth in China. As of late China has been in the news for all sorts of dangers introduced to the American public. But the danger they present to their own people is criminal. "China has become a world leader in air and water pollution and land degradation and a top contributor to some of the world's most vexing global environmental problems, such as the illegal timber trade, marine pollution, and climate change." 1
Chinas farm lands are a disaster, each year 12 million tons of grain are contaminated with heavy metals absorbed from the soil.2 China's water supply is rapidly becoming contaminated and there are now millions of villagers who consume contaminated water. Cancers and respiratory illnesses have become epidemic. China dumps raw sewage into its major water systems, there is no incentive to clean it up, as Elizabeth Economy stated, According to international NGO the World Wildlife Fund, China is now the largest polluter of the Pacific Ocean. She also pointed out that in 2006, in the heavy industrialized southeastern Provinces of Guangdong and Fujian, almost 8.3 billion tons of sewage were discharged into the ocean without treatment, a 60 percent increase from 2001. More than 80% of the East China Sea, one of the worlds 's largest fisheries, is now rated unsuitable for fishing, up from 53 percent in 2000.3 I could go on but it is a disaster in the making. It has one new coal fired plant going on line every week. It introduces more pollutants into the atmosphere than the US and Europe combined.

Pessimistic View
I have written about climate change and global warming in the past and what we have to do to change the direction we are going, but I now feel that greed, ignorance and stupidity and the refusal to do what is necessary world wide has condemned future generations to an increasingly hostile world. I doubt that there can ever be the will to make the changes necessary in the US or overseas. I believe that it is a lost cause and that we will see greater disasters to come and our grandchildren will blame us for the world we leave them.

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