Sunday, July 1, 2007

"The wise are instructed by reason; ordinary minds by experience, the stupid by necessity, and the brutes by instinct". Cicero

We salute, one of our fallen heroes with honor and sadness.
Air Force Staff Sgt. Matthew J. Kuglics

25, of North Canton, Ohio; assigned as special agent to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations; died June 5 in Kirkuk, Iraq, of wounds sustained when his vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device. Also killed was Tech. Sgt. Ryan A. Balmer.

It is painful to put these pictures up on each post to this blog but not to honor the fallen is to forget the sacrifice by them and their families, loved ones and friends. While I post only one photo each posting, I salute and honor all our fallen and wounded heroes.

Presidential Race;
Been a while since I blogged. Things get in the way but since I am on summer vacation there is no excuse. I've decided that the best two candidates for president are Al Gore, nothing new here but my second candidate is Arnold Schwarzenegger, now that is radical. Why you ask? They are both honest and realists in their policy's. I was not an Arnold fan in the beginning as I felt his policy's were too far to the right as to be against the the best interest of the American people. I don't believe that the Christian far right has the answer for all America, and they control the republican right. Arnold somewhere along the the road made a left tern, a euphonism, he came back to the center.
Listening to the candidates recently on PBS was much of the same, talking heads in suits. The best two candidates aren't running and one can't run unless there is a constitutional amendment, and that is highly unlikely. The official candidates are an interesting bunch and there may be a decent candidate amongst them but so far what they say is predictable, boring and self serving, “look what I did”. They give the same political diatribe that we've heard for years. The problem that if a truly great candidate runs he gets managed and has to say what his people think will win votes. I think that the American people are brighter than that, they can see through the cow chips and recognize the truth. Politicians always underestimate the American people.

A New Book by Victor Gold.
"Invasion of The Party Snatchers, How the Holy Rollers and the Neo-Cons Destroyed The GOP"
"After four decades as a Republican insider, Victor Gold reveals how the holy-rollers and the Neo-Cons have destroyed the GOP. Now he's fighting to get his party back. As a man who served as press aide to Barry Goldwater and speech writer and senior advisor to George H. W. Bush (in addition to co-authoring his autobiography), Victor Gold is absolutely furious that the Neo-Cons and their strange bedfellows, the Evangelical Right, have stolen his party from him. Now he is bringing the fight to them. Invasion of the Party Snatchers is a blistering critique not only of the Bush-Cheney administration but also of the Republican Congress. Gold is ready to tell all about the war being waged for the soul of the GOP, including the elder Bush's opinion of his son's work domestically and abroad, the significance of the newly elected Congress, and how Goldwater would have reacted to it all. Gold reveals, among other explosive disclosures, how George W. has been manipulated by his vice president and secretary of defense to become, in Lenin's famous phrase, a "useful idiot" for Neo-Conservative warmongers and Theo-Conservative religious fanatics. Although there have been other books by dissident Republicans attacking the Bush-Cheney administration's betrayal of conservative principles, none have been by an insider whose political credentials include inner-circle status with Barry Goldwater and George H. W. Bush."

U.K Under Attack;
Don't these fundamentalist radicals get it. If they don't like the U.K. leave. No one will be sorry to see them go. They move to a country and the country gives them every opportunity to have a good life and they turn on it. Or they are born in a country and then reject it for values that turn them against their country of birth, just shows how stupid and easily manipulated they are. Look at the, can I say it, ass holes in Scotland. Burned themselves up and looked like the stupid idiots they were. That is not to say they are not dangerous, they are, but they are also stupid, an incendiary combination.
The U.K. survived the blitz under Hitler and the IRA bombings, compared to those events these radical terrorists are amateurs. The British are a wonderful and hardy race and they will not be cowed by cowards, fools and religious fanatic.

War In Iraq;
Folks it ain't about peace it is a power play for the big U.S. supported oil companies to control the source of the oil to the world. Lately the Bush administration is making big noises about Iran supplying weapons to Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Shia in Iraq. The Bush administration cannot be believed as evidence shows. It seems Bush wants a wider war and would love to get his hands on Iranian oil.
They make the argument that we cannot leave Iraq because it will go into a civil war, it's already happening folks. The other argument is that Iraq will become a terrorist hub of activity and we need to be there to stop them. That also has happened because of Bush's policies. Lets leave and if they establish terrorist training bases bomb them, we have the technology to observe what they do from space and unmanned drones. As for the control of oil, we can leave the middle east and they will still sell us oil because they want the money. We should be investing heavily in alternate fuels for cars and homes, instead of importing oil to the United States. It is way past the time to get away from our dependence on foreign oil.

Alternate Fuel Cars
The MDI Air car, an air car, yep runs on air and it works, oil companies hate it. They will probably lobby every congressman and senator they own to stop it from coming into the United States.

A car runs on water, sounds too good to be true. You bet that the oil companies will try to stop this one. If I were the guy who developed this technology I would hire a body guard and wear a bullet proof vest, and don't stop ducking and dodging, and post the technology to the internet and email it to the world then the oil companies won't be able to stop it.


  1. John, so sorry to see that a fellow Liverpudlian is a card carrying member of the Keepers of Odd Knowldge Society (acronym KOOKS) Where did you go wrong?

    Lesley S

  2. John, so sorry to see that a fellow Liverpudlian is a card carrying member of the Keepers of Odd Knowldge Society (acronym KOOKS) Where did you go wrong?

    Lesley S